Update – 04.26.10

Whew, I have been a busy guy. One new script done, one new song ready, major video editing done, sweet live show streaming–where to begin?

Fan art! This one comes from our very good Linus Harstedt. Want to submit your own? Use the Contact Form:

[singlepic id=480 w=320 h=240 float=center]

I’ve completed a new script. It is good-old long movie. About time right? I’ll start on voice acting tonight, and I’ve already got some video editing done. Screenshots to come next Monday. In the meantime, here is the first page of the script for you to snack on, with spoilers blurred out, of course:

Last week’s show was, as is typical here at oxhorn.com, fantastic. You can check it out here:

Video does not work well in Internet Explorer.

Lots of great changes coming soon to YayZee.com’s Expedition Egypt. If you live on Facebook as I do and like playing Facebook games, be sure to check it out:

Back to work for ye olde Horn of Much Oxing. See you Thursday!