Update 02.22.10

the day for updating,
when handsome Oxhorn news abounds.

Bad haikus aside, it is update time, and what I lack in new movies, music or screenshots I make up in verbose bloviations.

First! If you watch my show at all, you know that I have a new job working for a video game company, and that we are about to release our game. You’ll also know that we are throwing around the idea of inviting all Oxhorn fans to a closed beta of the game. So keep your browser tuned to this handsome channel if you would like to participate. More news to come!

Second! If you watched my show last week, you’ll know that Ustream is out to get me. I say this, not as a paranoid man, but as a paranoid man who looks rather snappy in suspenders. Last week, I was unable to broadcast from my Ustream channel, and was forced to make a new channel and broadcast from it. I just recently tried testing my new channel, and am again unable to broadcast. Is this a conspiracy? Have the Ustream staff been so overwhelmed by the power of my beard that they have set out to destroy my humble little show? I can think of no other solution!

I am thinking of using a new platform. Any suggestions? Know of any way I can save my old Ustream shows and transfer them to a new platform? Your knowledge is required! Send me your thoughts using the contact form.

But, until I decide to switch platforms, I’ll just have to keep using Ustream. I have added a new page with archives of my previous shows, which you can watch any time. Check it out here. Here is last week’s fantastic—and might I dare to say charming—show:

I’ve started a new segment of the show, called “Expositions”. I’ll post them every week after the show on my blog. Here is last week’s exposition:

That’s all for now! Tune in next time for another mind-boggling update from…