Update 02.09.10

Monday brings with it realities both sweet and sour, but for this derby-wearing friendly fellow, it’s time for an update.

Lots of changes here at oxhorn.com! Let’s go through them:

  1. You may have noticed a new toolbar along the bottom, packed with some sweet features. Using this toolbar you can watch all my movies on YouTube without leaving this site, read and subscribe to my Twitter feed, read and subscribe to my Facebook Pages profile, see how many other fans are online, search for content on the site, read weekly messages from me and chat with other fans using the built-in chat room.
  2. The site now records the top 5 fans, based on how many comments they post on pages per month. The results are displayed to the left, so continue posting! The more comments you post, the higher in rank you go.
  3. The hottest forum threads are now displayed in the sidebar. Now you don’t have to leave a page to see exactly what’s going on in the forums.
  4. Registered users now have their own profile. To find yours, search for your name on the Profiles page. To edit your info, sign in and click “Profile” using the side-bar login to the left.
  5. The Forum navigation link has now been moved as a sub-menu item underneath the Community menu link.
  6. I’ve made a few new pages, some that are funny, and some that have hidden easter eggs. Can you spot the easter eggs? Let me know on the forum if you find any:

This week’s fan art is a collage of screen-caps from my show, made by Connie Windish:

I’m adding a new segment to the show! Do you have a burning question for me, and can’t wait for the show? Would you like to hear your own voice during the show? Record your question as a MP3 and send me a link to it using the Contact Form. If I like it, I will play it during the show and answer it. Here is last week’s show:

I am wading knee deep through the waters of working-on-too-many-projects, and sadly don’t have any teaser screenshots for you. I should have some next week. Until then, I’ll see you during Thursday’s show!