Aaand it’s another fantastic Monday! Congratz to @newman_justin40 on Twitter, who won last week’s contest. He chose an awesome Oxhorn beer stein from my shop. Though I suppose you don’t have to use it for beer. It works well with tea, too. A tea stein?

Anyway, there are three more weeks left in the contest, so keep stalking me! Lots of prizes left to go.

I worked ALL last weekend on the new movie, and I have lots of teaser screenshots for you.

[nggallery id=40]

Continuing to demonstrate that Oxhorn fans are the best fans, we have a slew of new fan art submissions.

[nggallery id=41]

Three new wallpapers, woot!

Pla1nswalk3r on YouTube sent me this fan video of him playing the Great Kodo in Minecraft! Love it!

Last week’s show was filled with awesomeness, including another installment of Reading Rap Lyrics while Wearing a Confused Expression:

My co-guild leader has been busy planning all sorts of activities for Oxhorn fans in our guild, The Invisible Pink Unicorns. Check out her recent updates!

Lastly, I gave my photo-blog a facelift:

And lastly-lastly, I spruced up my about.me profile a bit. By the way, about.me staff like my good buddy Andy Hao; why haven’t you featured my profile yet? I’m bloitting Oxhorn man! I am teh internets! kkthnxbai.