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Category: Scotch & Smoke Rings

Episode 106 – Scotch & Smoke Rings

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Episode 107 – Scotch & Smoke Rings

What happens when Hat shoots Celtic Women out of the barrel of a peacebloom cannon into a crowd of hippy elves? Watch…

Episode 105 – Scotch & Smoke Rings

What does bacon flavored Kracken Rum taste like? Watch to find out!

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Episode 104 – Scotch & Smoke Rings

Oxhorn and Beanstalk showing off their guns while riding a zeppelin and shooting bacon suits out of cannons at hippy elves who…

Episode 103 – Scotch & Smoke Rings

Star Fox piloting a schooner with elf ear sails upon a sea of punted gnomes while Frog tells him to do…

Episode 102 – Scotch & Smoke Rings

In this episode, Oxhorn rides a bacon ship made by a fifth generation bacon smith into battle, attacking the hippy hummus-eating elves…