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Category: Scotch & Smoke Rings

Episode 106 – Scotch & Smoke Rings

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Episode 107 – Scotch & Smoke Rings

What happens when Hat shoots Celtic Women out of the barrel of a peacebloom cannon into a crowd of hippy elves? Watch to find out!

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Episode 105 – Scotch & Smoke Rings

What does bacon flavored Kracken Rum taste like? Watch to find out!

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Episode 104 – Scotch & Smoke Rings

Oxhorn and Beanstalk showing off their guns while riding a zeppelin and shooting bacon suits out of cannons at hippy elves who then scream in agony, whilst Hat the Singing Turtle jumps off the zeppelin into Russia in order to drink some vodka. Only, at oxhorn.com

Episode 103 – Scotch & Smoke Rings

Star Fox piloting a schooner with elf ear sails upon a sea of punted gnomes while Frog tells him to do a barrel roll? Only at oxhorn.com.

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Episode 102 – Scotch & Smoke Rings

In this episode, Oxhorn rides a bacon ship made by a fifth generation bacon smith into battle, attacking the hippy hummus-eating elves who also happy to be JWs with bean blossoms while wearing a bacon outfit.

Sense. We make it.
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