Oxhorn’s Christmas for Geeks

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Track Listing

01. I Saw Three Rogues – 1:26 – Lyrics
02. Elf Ears Roasting On an Open Fire – 3:33 – Lyrics
03. Frosty – 3:50 – Script
04. Vanity Pets – 3:53 – Lyrics
05. Night Elves We Have Strung On High – 3:50 – Lyrics
06. Merry Breakfast – 1:51 – Script
07. Hark! Hear the Wails #2 – 1:20 – Lyrics
08. Secret Santa – 2:19 – Script
09. We Three Dwarves of Ironforge – 2:41 – Lyrics
10. Runaway Nutcracker – 3:35 – Script
11. It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like This Raid Isn’t Going to Happen – 2:32 – Lyrics
12. Rudolph – 3:59 – Script
13. I’m Dreaming of an Epic Flying Mount – 3:32 – Lyrics
14. The Orna-prints Salesman – 2:04 – Script
15. Joy to the World Finale – 3:49
16. Outtakes Ftw – 9:00

13 Responses to Oxhorn’s Christmas for Geeks

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  2. GanknspankNo Gravatar says:

    Make a new Christmas Album. That stuff is great

  3. phreaksionNo Gravatar says:

    It says Spotify hasn’t launched in your country yet. I’m from Slovenia (Europe) and I’m on a computer.

  4. phreaksionNo Gravatar says:

    I can’t listen to the songs. Spotify doesn’t work in Europe I guess.

    • OxhornNo Gravatar says:

      Spotify originated in Europe, so it should work there. Are you getting an error message, or does the player just not play? Are you trying from a computer or a mobile device?

  5. I’m so glad you created some “geek” tunes for Christmas — I was looking for something like this and here it is! My kids love your “fractured” Christmas tales and constantly request these tracks more than the traditional music. We downloaded our favorites from Amazon and have added them to our regular Christmas rotation. Thanks for the fun!

    PS – I also appreciate the streaming player on your site, which allowed us to preview each song song in full before making our purchase. Much nicer than the 30 second snippets you get from the online stores.

  6. KittykrissNo Gravatar says:

    I just got this! Love it!

  7. StroodalNo Gravatar says:

    Can you find the “hidden skit”?

  8. If you’re a fan of Oxhorn and love WOW or MMO’s of any persuasion you’ll love this album.

  9. Very nice album, like it much more than the other. Gonna buy it tomorrow like I promised on the stream earlier.

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