Oxhorn Brand Music

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Track Listing

01. Roflmao! – 2:18
02. An Oxhorn Brand Medley – 3:27 – Lyrics
03. Oxhorn’s Lessons On Music: Rap – 1:32
04. Hark! Hear the Wails – 1:00 – Lyrics
05. Mortuus’ Proposal – 0:55 – Lyrics
06. The Credits Song – 1:44 – Lyrics
07. Brainwash Thunk – 4:45 – Script
08. Tank, Tank, Heal, Tank – 2:59 – Lyrics
09. Oxhorn’s Lessons On Music: Eurovision – 1:48
10. Lovely, You’re Lovely – 1:22 – Lyrics
11. Hat’s Practice – 3:21 – Script
12. Dance Fellows Dance – 1:12 – Lyrics
13. Oxhorn’s Lessons On Music: Screamo – 1:46
14. Orcs In Space! Intro – 1:30
15. Orcs In Space! At the Beach – 4:43 – Script
16. At the Ball, That’s All – 1:02
17. Gnome Overboard – 1:36 – Lyrics
18. The Great Kodo – 3:18 – Lyrics
19. The Anti-elf Anthem – 1:45 – Lyrics
20. Oxhorn’s Lessons On Music: Rap Again – 1:45
21. Orcs In Space! In Space – 1:50 – Script

11 Responses to Oxhorn Brand Music

  1. BalornNo Gravatar says:

    As I heard here, it would be VERY appreciated by the fans of your music if you could post some lyrics for the songs of both your main CD’s and if possible tabs and sheets to the other isntruments would be awsoooome too!
    (If you have done any of this already, please tell me where to find it!)
    Cheers Ox! I love your CD’s and music! Best things I’ve bought on iTunes!

  2. opus192No Gravatar says:

    Dear Oxhorn

    Me and my 2 best friends are having an assignment for music class. We need to cover a song. We all 3 are huge Oxhorn fans, and decided to pick An Oxhorn Brand Medley as our song. Now, I ask you, do you have any sheet music of An Oxhorn Brand Medley. We really need it. If I may ask, we are thinking of using 2 Keyboards/Pianos and Drums. Oh, and please try to divide everything as good as possible. Only chords would already be great. If you need any information, you can contact me at: jesse.ravensbergen@gmail.com (If it is against rules to post your e-mail at the site, sorry, but I’m pretty desperate)


  3. ShotoNo Gravatar says:

    I agree with Mus, plz gief guitar tabs for “Lovely, You’re Lovely”? plz? :3

  4. ChristophNo Gravatar says:

    Great songs but i cant buy the album :(
    i am from germany and Amazon, Rhapsody and Napster are sell to people from the USA und i havent Itunes :(

  5. jaxrNo Gravatar says:

    hey i was wondering if i could get the lyrics for hats song of the swear words in episode 2 of inventions of swear word or if you could put them up on the site please.


  6. musNo Gravatar says:

    Lovely, You’re Lovely is one of my best song lol
    but i wich to play it guitar could you please send me tab or chords with paino chords i will be thanks full

  7. MauriceNo Gravatar says:

    Bought it cause I really like yer movies.

    And I defo think you deserve the support :)

  8. GlyphsaiyanNo Gravatar says:

    Great songs, great music. Astounding beyond words – but I’ll give it a try. Later. Favourites are definately Tank Tank Heal Tank, Oxhorn Brand Medley and Gnome Overboard.

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