We Three Dwarves


World of Warcraft Brewfest

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Three drunken dwarves just want to drink. After all, it is Brewfest in World of Warcraft, which is pretty much a national holiday for dwarves. But, sadly, as is common when imbibing too much of the amber fluid during Brewfest, our good three dwarves get totally plastered and enjoy an evening of misadventures.

World of Warcraft Brewfest – An Amiable Fight

First, they get in a fight, and one of them loses his eye. Even though eyepatches are stylish nowadays, what with the plethora of pirate movies and everything, it’s still a nasty handicap to wear forever because of one night of drunken debauchery during Brewfest.

Brewfest in WoW – Beset by Crusty Rolls

Second, they pulled a Brewfest prank on none other than the king of Ironforge–the venerable Bronzebeard himself, by pelting a hard, crusty stale roll at the poor Dwarf’s head. Now, as far as Dwarves in World of Warcraft go, Bronzebeard seems to be a rather amiable sort, but even he, when pelted by some offending bit of pastry, could hardly contain himself, and imprisoned the three drunken dwarves. Aparently one of them had a bit of cash, and managed to spring himself and his two bretheren.

A Warcraft Brewfest Bad Romance

But lastly, the three dwarves chose drink over love, and their wives left them because they couldn’t manage their sobriety. Heartbroken and destitute, our “heroes” relieve themselevs with the only comfort they have–a tall stein of icy cold bear.

The Brewfest Moral for Our Three Dwarves

Now, don’t think that Oxhorn supports such behavior. Far from it! This tale is a cautionary one for those who place too much love into the drink of drinks. So then ladies and gents, drink on, but do so carefully and always classily.

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  1. Great tune! As a Dwarf main this is inpiring! For Khaz Modan!!!

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