The Panda Exterminator


The sun sets on Orgrimmar. The pandas…are coming.

The Panda Exterminator Extras


The Panda Exterminator Script

The Panda Exterminator: It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

The sun sets on Orgrimmar. The pandas are coming. This is my city–the city of Orgrimmar. Where I was born. Where I learned to fight. Where I learned…to hunt.

I love this city like a woman. Like a woman with long… jet black hair. And tanned legs, with a few freckles here and there and soft…cheek bones. And a limp.

Yes I love this city, but Orgrimmar is infested. I see it every day. It starts with one lone panda bear, lumbering around, getting…cute everywhere. It’s an infestation of cute. But no one else sees it. Am I so lost in my own world that I’ve become detached from those around me? They embrace the panda bear. They befriend the panda bear. Am I alone? Can no one else see what I see? The disease that I see spreading? This city is sick. And I’m the cure.

Male Panda: You are one adorable panda.

Female Panda: No you’re an adorable panda.

Male Panda: Let’s run off and collect bunny rabbits and butterflies.

Female Panda: Tee-hee-hee!

Male Panda: Ha-ha-ha!

Female Panda: I think we should put bows in their ears.

Male Panda: Good idea!

Female Panda: And glitter!


Male Panda: But…we chose horde!

The Panda Exterminator: You chose wrong.


Wherever they go, I’ll find them. They can hide on the mountain tops and I’ll find them. I am Horde. And Horde…is…not…cute!

They call me…The Panda Exterminator.

The Panda Song Lyrics

Pandas, pandas, pandas, pandas

pandas, pandas pandas!


(repeat 3x)

I’m a little panda bear, sitting in my panda chair

When the lady pandas come they laugh and dance and


We are soft and fluffy bears, with some soft and fluffy cares

Let’s all find some cutie bugs and have a fluffy time!

Pandas, pandas, pandas, pandas

pandas, pandas pandas!


(repeat 3x)

I’m a flippin’ panda!

Check out my panda powers!

Meesa cutie panda bear, with some stylish panda hair!

I was made for all the kiddies, tickle me please


See the furry panda fruits, in their furry panda suits

Now that furries have the panda the world’s at an end!

16 Responses to The Panda Exterminator

  1. Ege BaysalNo Gravatar says:

    This is one good quality machinima
    and yes, We Hate PANDAS! >:@ They are better for the pesky Alliance…

  2. Elves first then pandas show no mercy make them suffer those elf and panda combination made me change my side! Its horrible

  3. NicholasNo Gravatar says:

    I love it and i totally agree

  4. KhivaNo Gravatar says:

    What is the girl saying in that last 5ish seconds of the video?


  6. The panda’s chose wrong, finally great justice!

  7. BlueshornNo Gravatar says:

    Love the movie! But…the song…THE SONG!! I can’t get it out of my head…
    Pandas…pandas…pandas…bum bum bum
    arhh…for the love of all that is Horde…please..
    Make it stop!!
    Pandas…pandas…pandas…bum bum bum
    *collapses in a fetal position, weeping*

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