The Invisible Pink Unicorn


A man in a funny hat confronts three engineers who have mocked him for believing in the Invisible Pink Unicorn. Will the man win them over with the power of his rhetoric? Will the engineers prove how foolish he is and dismiss him? Or will the Invisible Pink Unicorn show up and startle everyone?


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  1. jeffNo Gravatar says:

    I dont think Panspermia can be an irrational belief or something that that is taken just on faith
    The laws of physics and chemistry is the same everything Life is just a chemical reaction and the chemicals needed are everywhere
    The number of galaxies is in the hundreds of billions with hundreds of billions of stars per galaxies and this is just in the part we see
    Considering the number of possible planets out with all the same chemicals following the same laws, wouldnt the chances of no life out there be remote

  2. I usually like Oxhorn, but I find this video foolish.

    1. He follows the unicorn because the unicorn talked to him. If God talks to you now’a’days, you’re generally seen as insane. How come the unicorn didn’t speak to the scientists? I would listen.
    2. Religion doesn’t have an explanation for the beginning. Where did the pink unicorn come from?
    3. The scientists chosen are not really scientists, well at least the last one. He doesn’t have evidence to support what he’s saying. That’s not science.
    4. So if I write a cookbook people are supposed to believe it was inspired by the pink unicorn himself? Kay, I’m on it.
    5. If he was omnipotent, wouldn’t he be able to write the cookbook anyway? Maybe by magically moving the pen?
    6. Uh, why is the invisible unicorn visible at the end? Is it his imagination? o.o
    7. The pink unicorn murders people for speaking their opinion? The first guy was especially reasonable, too. Great guy. “YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE IN HIM CAUSE I SAID HE EXISTS NOW DO IT OR YOU DIE.”
    8. I’ve actually bothered to read much of the “cookbook.” While most of it is incredibly dull, I found some of it rather amusing (i.e. Jesus stealing some guy’s colt so he can ride in town and be praised). I just take it as a philosophical and semi-historical work. You can never just believe in a book.

  3. lordford 77No Gravatar says:

    the inviseble pink unicorn and the scientist are both wrong every religion in the planet is wrong this is the truth: one day a patato came falling from the sky and he said let there be dope , then an eg came falling from the sky (and he floated into space he did not fal cuase then he would break ) and said let there be life then we can have dope and after that god knows wat . then the patato said who is god ? and the eg says i just made that up lets make poeple believe its real . ok said the patato lets make life . and so the patato and the eg began to make life after 8 days they were donne ( i mean god made the earth in 7 days he must not be so lazy the eg and the patato made the earth and the universe in 8 days they work far more faster ) after it was created they said and now let them figure out themselfs how life came , and that the story of course i know im richt cause the voices in my head are saying so and i am gonna write it al down in a book and you can read it . you see wat i just did i made a new religion its called egg and patatoism but most poeple cal it eggism cuase the eg did most of the work anyway this must be the way religion came to life probaly a schizo heard some voices in his head and said that is the voice of god and then he started writing and poeple started believing that they wil certainly believe it if you put in some things from other religions (like a rilegion they alrdy believe in ) this is probaly how cristianity began i mean in many religions it is said that there is some kind of guy in it whos birth came in some place and then 3 wise man told everyone he was gonna be real and so and that he had 12 folowers and got crusefyd (i dont know how you spel that my english is verry bad ) and then after 3 days he got up and came to life again . in cristianity that is jezus christ in egyption religion it is horus in boedhism it is hary crisnia and in some other greek religion it is someone where i forgot the name of . this means ( the theory is ) that al these religions are al based on the egyption religion ( cuase its the oldest ) and this means we really worship ( if we worship christ ) a person who is an offspring from a snake like shemale called set , and if you believe the bible satan is known as the old serpent ore in anny case a snake like person only later on in chistianity he is know as someone whit hooves in red whit a tail and horns . but if we must think aboud it then its might be that this serpent like creature where horus is decented from is really the person some poeple worship as satan thus it might sound wierd but to some theoligist and satanist we al worship the same god satan and his son horus is nobody else as christ therefore there are poeple even in the papal church that believe they worship satan ( and thefore rpae litle children in the hope they then please there veil god satan ) this is really so im not making this up whit this info you can pretty much make your own religion and make people believe it (there are poeple who believe this ) this is how religion works you just take some ideers that loads of people alrdy believe and then make it a litle different make your own version of it put some things in it that is even believed by scientist and then voila who knows who wil follow you also the theory that there might be alliens is ( just like religion ) filled whit some things that sound possible but have never been proven some things that are proven and loads of ideers that poeple can be made to believe if you arte a smooth talker point one 1) if there are many different planets there might be life on it this sounds verry logical there is only one problem is there proof of it no there isnt only that there are poeple that have been kidnapped bye these alliens but most of these poeple have been kidnapped in countrys that are technological advanced mostly in the us considering that i have followed conspirisy theorys where they even show pictures of nazis standing next to flying dishes and that there where even flyoing dishes (those round ufos) whit propellers on them and machinguns makes me believe that nazis got up whit hte ideer of making thos ufos and the americans stole the design and use them to kidnap there own poeple ( although this is another theory ) there here i made an new ideer that ufos and aliens are actualy humand in suits and slef build ufos ( which sound more logical to me but im not making the statement that it is actualy real cuase i have no real hard evedence other then a few nazis standing next to ufo and that i read magezines where it was said that amarica has a base near roswel whre they make experimentel airplanes thus the incident in roswel more looks like and experiemntel airplane that crashed then an alien ufo that crashed there and that poeple where made to believe that they where aliens rather then telling poeple america has a base nearby and made a new airplane that looks like an ufo and has some weird new weapens in it that they wanna use agains god knows who thus both ideers that god made us al and that aliens put us on a meator and shot us to earth even the ideer that aliens exist is for me really nonsense just like the conspirucy theorys they have some things in it that look logical ( even for the smart ones ) and that are based on even older ideers and so both they both lack the evidence also in my defence of thos conspiericy theorys i heard some pretty wierd ones and they even in some cases sounded logical but unles alliens land in my backyard they step out kidnap me and sudently adolf hitler and bush are standing next to me as long as that doesnt happen then i done really believe in them i just like following religion and conspiricy theorys and of course ox horn ( i just dont like following english ) and i sometimes luagh aboud them some moments i even believe them but then when i look up there sources in most cases they a refering to other books who are refering to other books and so on even if i look for pictures on the inernet and i see real eveidence about nazis standing next to ufos who have propellers on them i look at them believe in them but after that sceptism comes in and i think who knows mabye these nazis are actors mabye there are things i dont know aboud this like did the nazis actually make the ufos them self and then let the world believe that aliens exzist ore did the aliens exzist already and the nazis based there ideer on it and roswel the alliens aircraft that crashed there is that a nazi thing ore did americans build it and filled it whit dummys that look like aliens who knows the only thing im saying is that religion science theorys and conspiricy theorys have a few things in comen they al have certain ideers that might seem logical it is al slighty based on alrdy existing ideers the only difference is the only one that in most cases comes whit eveidence is science yes i know oxhorn it sound terribely dumb if you believe in aliens if you have never seen them before dumb to believe in nazis in flying ufos if you have never seen them before but in my opinion it also sound dumb to believe that one guy who was created bye nothing at al created the earth in 7 days and the whole of the earh is populated bye adam and eva and we are al decendents from it i only want to say this science is for me my religion and is the only one of al 3 that has eveidence and many other things in it that i can believe science alrdy has proven so many theorys by simpely make a theory based on existing ideers and proven things and test it and prove it so believe wat ever you like unles there is hard prove of god who comes down and says he madde us and nazis come down in ufos and aliens come down to and kil the nazis and then says that our ship we want it back and why do you have propellers on it i do not believe in al of them and then they al sound like egg and patatos ism to me and i dont believe it only science sound real enough to me cuase it has proven many theorys like that lightning is nothing else then electricity stuf like that and yes there are some things in science that ( theorys ) that sound like rubish to me like aliens existing and that have not been proven yet but science has been more richt aboud anything ( proven most of his theorys ) then christianity new age islam conspiricy theorys and do not forget scientoligy ( which has the most bulshit in it ) so really believe in science and if you do not have an ivisible pink unicorn to show in my house ( lol yoke i actually meant to say god that shows up ) then i do not believe religion aor anyhting else at al exept science exept for the stupid unprovenm theorys like alliens that sometimes show up

  4. socratesNo Gravatar says:

    Oxhorn, I am very fond of your movies and like you a lot, which is why it saddens me greatly to see how weak minded you really are. Is it not obvious? Science need not disprove religion, that lies only to logic and reason. How do you get the masses to listen to you? Well, human beings are known for their extreme curiosity. So, you answer their two biggest questions. “Where did we come from, and where do we go after we die?” Well, that’s easy. Tell em what they want to hear. “A brilliant all powerful omnipotent benevolent man in the sky created us and everything around us because he wanted to and he loves us all. And when you die you go to live with him in his amazing paradise palace.” Well! That sounds great! I like those answers! Wait a second now, how can we keep these masses obedient and easy to control? Oh, I have an idea! “Also, if you break any of these rules, God will send you to a place of eternal pain and misery for you to suffer forever.” There, now they’ll spend their whole lives doing what we, err, God said.

    Christianity, Islam, and Judaism were created to cope with the masses of people looking for answers and purpose in their lives. I wish it were true. I wish there were an omnipotent God that created everything and loved me and if I was a good boy I would enjoy all eternity with him in paradise. Sadly, only a fool would give in to that belief.

    My apologies Oxhorn, but you are wrong. I don’t expect you to change your views, as your mind cannot change to easily, but consider what I said. Think about it, what would you do if you had millions of people begging for answers and orders? Give them what they want.

  5. The BonoboNo Gravatar says:

    Oh, wow. Where to begin?

    You know, screw it. I’ll just invalidate your arguments in the order they come up in.

    1: Why the hell is he trying to get into this “Guild of Self-Important Engineers”?
    -He’s trying to get in by arguing about the existence of God, which is kind of like trying to get into a Art community by arguing why you dislike a particular mode of government. COMPLETELY UNRELATED.
    -If you’re going to attack Evolution, do it correctly. It wouldn’t be “Engineers”, it would be, “The Guild of Self-Important Biologists”.
    -Disproving Evolution does not prove God, and vice versa.
    2: “Look, I can’t prove that it exists, because there is no proof.”
    Which is why the scientists aren’t taking him seriously. Proof is required for science, so this is not a scientific concept.
    3: You’re saying that faith is a scientific concept.

    4: Why would the IPU simply tell Mr. Funny Hat that he is both invisible and pink at the same time? Though it is possible, due to God’s nature of omnipotence, Why couldn’t he have just shown him, removed all doubt once and for all? This implies that Mr. Funny Hat is either lying, or has been lied to.
    5: The IPU runs up and stabs three guys. This proves that he may be real, but it does not prove that he is God.
    6: The Bible (y’know, I’m just going to ditch the video and arguing your points directly) is God’s way of reaching out to man. Isn’t that a spectacularly ineffective way of communicating to people? Telling some humans what to write on a page and then sending it out? He’s GOD. Why can’t he just, y’know, come down from the heavens and say “ALL YOU NON-CHRISTIANS ARE SCREWED”?
    7: Atheists don’t read the Bible. I’ve taken numerous classes on Christian Literature, all in an attempt to understand the Bible. Frankly, I’m a bit displeased. There are multiple contradictions, alternate tellings, and ideas that are, quite frankly, outdated.
    8: God doesn’t need to hold a pen. He can just make the letters appear.
    9: “Theory” doesn’t mean a hunch, or a guess. “Theory” means an explanation consistent with the facts presented. It’s called the “Theory” of Evolution because Darwin moulded his ideas based around what he saw.
    10: No, we don’t have a single, concrete, “yes-this-is-definitly-true” theory about the origins of life. There are multiple, but there is no viable way of testing them. However, just because we don’t have a single, unified theory doesn’t mean that we should just drop everything and resort to miracles.
    11: Meteor theory. That’s one explanation for how life GOT TO Earth. Any scientist claiming that this how life came to be is ignoring the facts. But attacking one idiot doesn’t disprove all theories other than yours.
    12: Space Aliens?! What?! Okay, that isn’t even Science, that’s Scientology. Scientology is a religion. The fact that one jerk-foot elf thinks that Xenu made microchips in our brains doesn’t make Science void. All you’re doing is trying to prove another religion false, which is kind of funny.

    That’s really all that points you made.

    Let the angry mob of viewers who disagree with me come out… AND LET THE FLAME WAR COMMENCE!

  6. AviNo Gravatar says:

    This movie is really self-defeating. When faced with an insurmountable argument, or even just stubbornness, the unicorn resorts to violence.

    Similarly, I think it’s unfair to use the minority of scientists (panspermists) and then make fun of their ideas, then apply it to the scientific community at large which either has no theory or disagrees with the panspermists.

    One leading hypothesis on how life came to be is extremely interesting but rather lengthy, so I’ll just link to the video about it:

    Note that all of those phenomena have been observed in a laboratory, unlike supernatural genesis.

    I also find it ironic that he says “you just don’t bother to read [the book]” when surveys show that atheists know more about religion than any religious group.

    That said, I did laugh my ass off every time somebody got impaled.

    • OxhornNo Gravatar says:

      I regret having the unicorn impale them now, only because I get this comment from fans aaaaall the time, and they use it to ignore the major point of the movie. When I kill elves for no reason whatever, fans are fine. But when I kill panspermia-believers, well, then fans freak out. I only had them impaled because I felt it was a clear and funny way to have the unicorn prove his presence, with it being too late for the affected, and while onlookers continued to disbelieve. And the fact that you laughed when they got impaled was really one of the reasons I did it. It is a comedy, after all.

      The point is not whether or not the majority or minority of scientists believe X, Y or Z. The point is that SOME do, and those very few also happen to be influential, famous, and vocal anti-thiests. When you think “atheist” and “scientist”, the first name that pops into your head is “Richard Dawkins”, who advocated a panspermia argument with his own mouth. This is therefore no longer a fringe scientific belief but a mainstream one, regardless of how many day-to-day, 9-5 scientists believe it is true or not.

      I read that survey about atheists knowing more about the Bible than Theists, and I disbelieve it. I will be writing an article about this at soon, but my main argument against the poll is those whom it targeted. Did they target the uneducated who know less about all things in general when targeting theists, and the educated when targeting atheists? I will argue that they did, which invalidates their findings. From personal experience, every Christian I know in real life knows more about Christianity than any atheist or agnostic I have ever met. Recently, I met a cab driver in Anaheim who got into an interesting discussion with me about unconditional grace. He turned out to be a Christian. I got into an argument about Christianity with a former co-worker, working in the tech industry. I had to explain the concept of the trinity to him.

      I’ll also just ask you, personally, if you have ever read the Bible yourself—cover to cover, back to back, beginning to end—as I have. I don’t say that to shame you, and you don;t even have to answer me. Just answer the question for yourself, and if the answer is “no”, try doing so before forming a belief. Otherwise that belief is, by definition, uninformed.

      The point of this movie is that some scientists, many whom are prominent and whom influence popular belief, argue vocally against theism on the grounds that there is no evidence, and yet argue for directed panspermia—or the existence of aliens in general, as Hawking recently did—without ever having evidence. This is the definition of hypocrisy.

      • AviNo Gravatar says:

        Thank you for the reply.

        I have not read the bible cover to cover, though I have read much of it. I try not to form opinions on that which I have not read.

        As for the study I mentioned, it really does depend, as you say, on what specific subset of atheists and christians you interview. I think the point was that, in general, atheists know more about religion than christians, but for more observant and orthodox christians (as I imagine you to be), that can easily be reversed. The majority of christians, I’d venture to say, are substantially more uninformed about their religion than you are.

        On a final note, I think you’re misinterpreting what Hawking said. I sincerely doubt he asked us to accept panspermia and the existence of aliens as fact: as I understand it, he simply said that given the vast number of planets it would be immensely surprising to find that no life exists elsewhere.

        When you talk about the unicorn stabbing people from that perspective it makes much more sense, and I can sympathize with you not having seen the ambiguous message of that bit.

        And I, like you, am not a fan of Richard Dawkins. I think he’s too much an anti-religion person, and that’s not what atheism is about. Atheism, despite what many of its proponents think, is not about having an anti-religious stance, but about having skepticism.

        • OxhornNo Gravatar says:

          Without knowing the majority of Christians, I think your assessment of their knowledge or ignorance stems from a pre-held belief on your end based on either prejudice or personal experience. If the later, then you can only make such a claim towards those you personally know, not all Christians. I don’t know all Christians, but the ones I have met in life have always, consistently, known far more about their faith than every atheist I have ever personally known.

          Hawking said, and I quote, “To my mathematical brain, the numbers alone make thinking about aliens perfectly rational…” but as I have said elsewhere, just because there are billions of grains of sand in a beach is no reason to assume that one must be a diamond–nor is it rational to believe so. Just because the universe is large is no reason to believe that intelligent life must exist out there. Until there is evidence, any talk about alien life is fantasy, and any belief in that alien life is faith.

          Regarding your last point, I consider myself a very skeptic Christian. I do not believe that lack of skepticism equals faith, or that any mote of skepticism equals atheism.

          • If you find a naturally occurring diamond in the sand, then it would be rational to expect another somewhere, but that is not the case, so your equivocation is fallacious. As Earth is naturally formed, it is rational to expect life elsewhere in a universe where there are trillions and trillions of stars with their own sets of planets. The laws of probability make it a near certainty. Therefore, it is not faith, because there is logic and reasoning behind it. Also, there is a lot of convincing evidence supporting alien contact. Just research some of the most shocking crop circles.

  7. Old IronbarkNo Gravatar says:

    The IPU sees all you do, hears all you say, likes pizza too.

  8. KrishahlNo Gravatar says:

    But… if he’s all powerful, can’t he write with hooves? Or at least make himself have hands?

    Lol, Scientology satire….

    Arguments aside, I am a person of faith as well. what faith that is matters not. Keep up the good work!

  9. To be completely fair, the man in the funny hat also contradicts himself. He argues that the existence of the life forms on the crystal needs to be explained, and yet does not explain how the Pink Unicorn came into being.

    Sort of like Genesis, actually.

    “In the Beginning, God…”

    We are never given this character’s backstory. We are just to take it on faith that this being, existence unexplained, appeared, and created our world.

    While I do not disagree that Science also has no true approach to this, any scientist who tells you he knows how the Earth came into being is lying to you, Religion also has a similarly great hole.

    It all comes down to whether you take on faith that an omnipotent, omnipresent, and rather dubiously-motivated deity decided to create our Earth in 7 days, and set us up for years to come…

    OR whether you believe that atoms falling through the void uniformly and in a straight line HAPPENED to swerve, thus causing a fluke explosion, and bringing matter into where there was nothing.

    My personal answer? I don’t, and cannot, know for sure. Until they perfect the LHC, or until God Almighty comes down and tells me, I do not think I can be qualified to answer this question.

    I guess it’s all a matter of right brain/left brain. Would you be more inclined to trust a really great, and well-written story, or a set of hypothesis, untestable, and mainly assumed? None are necessarily the right, or wrong, way.

  10. KiirarNo Gravatar says:

    I must say, I’m not entirely thrilled with the thinley veiled agenda this movie clearly has. Machinima is a poor medium for it, and I find myself agreeing with the engineers more than the ‘sympathetic’ main character. It also shows a complete misunderstanding of the arguments you presume to mock, and the semantics and jargon used. Unforgivable.

  11. ogarnNo Gravatar says:

    As absurd as Religion itself

  12. DeadhoofNo Gravatar says:

    lol the first life form are SPORE creatures

  13. JinvaNo Gravatar says:

    HAHAHAHA, Chaaarliiiie xD

  14. ChaiynsNo Gravatar says:

    loved it! sooooo very sadly true

  15. NomekaNo Gravatar says:

    I must say, Oxhorn. My favorite part of this video (Apart from the entire thing itself) has to be the Audio Bloopers. You should make a video of all your audio bloopers from making each video. ~nodnod~

  16. NuhretNo Gravatar says:

    You used Sporre for those aleins on the cyrstal XD I Can reconise the parts 😛

  17. Bert BakerNo Gravatar says:

    I think it’s scary how you portray religion in this movie, the Night Elf is obviously unreasonable, but the believer is just as. He expects the wise engineers to simply accept the existance of the Pink Unicorn, because he believes he does. Did you create him to look like you? It’s a funny movie, but seems like a warning to all non-believers. The message seems to be: ‘I’m right, because I believe so, and if you don’t, you’re wrong.’ The killing is funny, but kind of disturbing.

    I really like the cookbook anyway.

    • kk7smNo Gravatar says:

      Not really. He expects the “wise engineer” to respect his religious beliefs and makes the point that the “wise engineer” states a pink unicorn is ludicrous while having an equally ludicrous position involving space aliens and flying crystals. Ultimately, he does not expect the wise engineer to believe, but to merely respect his position. There is a world of difference between wanting a belief to be respected and to try to convert someone to a way of thinking.

      I can’t eat ham and pineapple pizza because I’m allergic to pork! :-(

  18. Super GnomeNo Gravatar says:

    The name made me think he made a dirty video at first, lol! XP

  19. BrianNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you for this, was absolutely hilarious and oh so true

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