The Anti-Elf Anthem


Of all the men of Azeroth, I must say that my least favorite race is the Elf! This is an anthem for all of those like me who detest Elves with every fiber of their being. And to all those who play Elves out there, I fully realize that you are free to choose whichever race you want. And you chose wrong.

Hehe, just joking.



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  1. jordynNo Gravatar says:

    I hate Elves but i’m not for the horde, i have a level 90 worgen hunter and a level 90 draenie (or however you spell it) But still oxhorn is awesome! :)

  2. ShebysNo Gravatar says:

    Still watching in 2013 ^.^ its That Awesome

  3. FretsNo Gravatar says:

    Ah Elfs..Its not the pointy ears…I mean I dont hate Night Elfs much more then any other Alliance race..I mean Goblins and Trolls have long pointy ears and they are cool, Heck Orcs kinda have pointy ears..But no…Blood elfs, I dont know what it is about them “Aside from the Obvious which is they are whiney No Class pretty boys who consume a whomping half of Horde population Not to mention I HATE Casters with a passion” I dont really have much against Night Elfs..But Blood Elfs…Lets just say They need to be kicked where the SunWell dont shine, But knowing them they would Probably like it..

  4. MavilanneNo Gravatar says:

    This song makes me want to parade through Darnassus /shout-ing it to anyone who will listen… and I play an elf. XD

  5. DanielNo Gravatar says:

    I play as an elf, but ever since you started making vids evryones hates them! Everone who hated elfs before this vid was made, do hate elfs. People who hate just cuz oxhorn bdoes are just sheep, folowing their sheepdog oxhorn.

    But still no offence oxhorn, im just stating a point

    • raeinokNo Gravatar says:

      They should do a vid seperating blood elfs for night elfs cause bloods are evil and are on the right side night elfs are just well what he says they are. lol

  6. brandin plz promis me that wen catacklisem cums owt mack a ant-goblin anthim(thay look lick hafe leper gnome hafe elf) ty :)

  7. bloodydruidNo Gravatar says:

    BEST EVER………………

  8. DeadhoofNo Gravatar says:

    Ever sience I heard of Oxhorn I have been ganking Auberdine.

  9. druidboyNo Gravatar says:

    i will take that advice, cept when i get in close to be like mortuus, a backstabbing rouge who ganks n00b elves iin westfall =D ROFLPWNAGE

  10. crzydraeneiNo Gravatar says:

    hey u kno who else else has blue skin and somewhat long ears w/ horns? draenei.i love draenei almost as much as i love ice cream(and i love me some ice cream!)i think trolls draenei belfs and nelfs are all somehow related to each other.i mean draenei trolls and nelfs all have either blueish purplish skin and they all(well 3/4 of them) have long ears and they are all probably the skinniest of all races of azeroth(next to humans)so heres wat i think:nelfs evolved from trolls then somehow one of the nelfs got sun-bleached while getting a tan in the burning steppes(i spelled that rite btw)and was banished at the same time some other nelf ran away secretly lived w/ the gnomes and bilt a spaceship and flew from azeroth to some far away planet then eventually came back in the same DUDE!!!FTW i totally agree w/ u that nelfs(belfs n draenei too)evolved from the trolls.TROLLS FTW!!!!!

  11. DUDE!!!FTWNo Gravatar says:

    lol rytingur you suck.
    yeah trolls looks like elvs but trolls are cooler and it is said that elvs have evolved from trolls so troll awesome.
    elvs SUCKS

  12. rytingurNo Gravatar says:

    you know what else is tall and purple and all to skinny(even more so than elves) and also have long pointy ears? i’ll give you a hint, it’s one of the backsingers in a tuxedo shirtXD and i’m pretty sure taurens are as much of hippies as elves. yet tho i love your work,even this one. i’m wondering what you think of the soon-to-be 3rd horde race with long pointy ears, the goblins. so far there are 75% haters or wanting to switch the ally and horde races. if your reading i’ll be waiting for an answer or maybe even a perma ban from this site due to the fact that i love elves.

  13. LaddNo Gravatar says:

    This is my favorite of your songs, and I memorised it so I can sing it!!

  14. NuttersNo Gravatar says:

    This is one of my Favorites.
    Mainly Because The Dwarves Join In but Still. It has awsome music.

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