Oxhorn’s Christmas Tree


Oxhorn and company are throwing a big Christmas bash when SOMETHING HAPPENS. That’s right, in this movie there is a plot element that further drives the story. Huzzah! Complete with Christmas songs, kodo eggnog, pecan pies (and even pecan trout), my fourth annual Christmas movie is sure to deliver.


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  1. IllikasNo Gravatar says:

    My favorite character out of all these guys has to be Lieutanent Colonel Virtue…I wish he had more videos with him and only him…

  2. ZodsNo Gravatar says:

    Mortuus picks the note up “… dude I cant read this its in english”
    I laughed so hard

  3. wowgamerNo Gravatar says:

    hey oxhorn! i think you should make more holiday and or seasonal videos.

    sincerely, me.

  4. AviNo Gravatar says:

    who calls it a holiday tree? I understand the desire to make terms religion-neutral if they’re secular (e.g. christmas break vs. winter break, the holidays, etc.), but Christmas trees are _specific to christmas_. It makes no sense to call it a “holiday” tree.

  5. I dont get it. The character made as Mortuus inside the real game is a DK, while machinima Mortuus is a rogue…

  6. whyuhateelfsNo Gravatar says:

    why do u hate elves dude?

  7. DanielNo Gravatar says:

    One of my favs. Even though your movies are making people hate elves its still funny!

  8. Forgiveness FTW (but not saying sorry to elves)

  9. CapnmorgansNo Gravatar says:

    This is easily one of my favorites. I love how A.P.E morphs into virtue. Amazing work

  10. Mad as a HatNo Gravatar says:

    oxhorn are you going to make a christmas special for 2009?


  12. GREAT Christmas show!
    Actually got a bit misty-eyed in the end when Ox let the panzies join..

    .. elves?… Oh… I mean elves.. not panzies..

  13. AshleyNo Gravatar says:


  14. MockyNo Gravatar says:

    mmm… nut and pine-nog yummy

  15. this is great ive seen it like 10 tims now and never gets boring =D

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