Oxhorn Tells Off Xfire


Xfire sponsored a contest for up-and-coming Machinima film makers, asking them to each make an advertisement for their contest with a cash reward based upon the number of downloads the advertisement got. Why, this is pure exploitation, and Oxhorn will have nothing to do with it! Watch while Oxhorn picks on Xfire (and, more than anything, himself) acting like a snooty fool.


7 Responses to Oxhorn Tells Off Xfire

  1. matthewNo Gravatar says:

    i think the mouth wash is just pis

  2. matthewNo Gravatar says:

    what does it tast like

  3. batmanNo Gravatar says:

    Where can I get that oxhorn brand mouthwash?

  4. Lubu0369No Gravatar says:

    the best i have seen (except for ROFLMAO! my first and still fave) blast from the past tho, xfire is used daily by everyone i know XD cyaz! keep up the amazing work!!

  5. ZakhaarNo Gravatar says:

    why is oxhorn (a druid) wearing plate?

  6. JonasNo Gravatar says:

    this is a great movie, and how did you get to make that undead to make all those moves?!? i love your work keep it up.

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