Ox Chop


Oxhorn and Mr. Evil are broke–the economy has even hit Azeroth. After taking up a job as traveling knife salesmen, the pair enter the Scarlet Monastery after hearing tale of a lonely man who likes to collect pointy objects. Will they make a sale?

Can’t find the ringtone on iTunes? Snag it here instead:

This is just a short, fun video for Halloween folks. My longer, epic-er movie will be coming out in a few weeks. Stay tuned!


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  1. when is your epic new movie coming out oxhorn ive been waiting for like 2 years for it

  2. FretsNo Gravatar says:

    Just Ox your troubles ‘way with the Ox chop..”You’ve Tried and Failed” That part made me crack up for some reason XD. Just because how Direct the Horseman sounded. This was pretty epic, Keep up the good Work Ox! (I Would Have watched it sooner But I just did not have time, I hope that you forgive me Cos I made my Excuse Rhyme :D)

  3. StadsdrolNo Gravatar says:

    Another epic video Brandon. However, why did Ox and Professor evil flee at the end? They would pwn that blit easily, cause they are uber uber l33t

  4. CucurbitoNo Gravatar says:

    Rofl,just pure epicness how the headless Horseman talks-real game voice was the funniest thing in that movie.AND Mr.Evil…awwww Mr.Evil,missed that one in your moviesQ__Q And no one told me he’s a rapper!!oh ma gawd!!which more secrets does Mr.Evil have…mysterious!

  5. kwitanNo Gravatar says:

    love it
    but what does that / u / uu / stuff mean?

  6. MTdew4000No Gravatar says:

    I love it! please ox make more vids like this!! 😀

  7. bexyishNo Gravatar says:

    Ye I loved it. really funny. love how you did pop mr. evil in there 😉 good work ox<3

  8. WilliamNo Gravatar says:

    Awsome work with the voice of the headless guy, loved the part where mr. evil got wow molested XD
    Keep it up mate

  9. akkin reodNo Gravatar says:

    gave me a chuckle and brightened my day =) despite wow being gay and not reinstalling right

  10. KomaNo Gravatar says:

    Awsome! Always love to see more of oxhorn brand

  11. JoobyNo Gravatar says:

    Well done!- as usual your movies make me laugh….Keep them coming!!

  12. JediCody2No Gravatar says:

    “Made from genuine, 100% ‘organic’ metal.” -Facepalm-

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