Orcs in SPACE! 2


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  1. oxfan001No Gravatar says:

    lol i love how brandon uses an elf face for evan

  2. belgaeNo Gravatar says:

    Man, i rolfd at song of ox at the end

  3. KrishahlNo Gravatar says:

    But… the other side is an empty ocean, with one half of kalimdor on the right and half od the eastern kingdoms on the right… you actually only see one half of the continents from the maelstrom side. It’s like the pacific region of Azeroth.

  4. kevinNo Gravatar says:

    anyone got lyrics for: its a long way to tipperary

  5. NiludNo Gravatar says:


  6. DeadhoofNo Gravatar says:

    Dark side of Outland lol

  7. Now I know why there are earth quakes.
    The planets are singing along with the Orcs! ^^

  8. JonathanNo Gravatar says:

    I’m sorry but I just have to point out that the planet is not actually named azeroth. It has come to be called that for an unknown reason to me. Azeroth is the southern continent of the eastern kingdoms. Pretty much all of the land south of the black rock spire and the badlands is azeroth. The eastern kingdoms are divided into Lordaeron, all of the northern lands, Khaz Modon, the land south of the Arathi Highlands, and Azeroth, the land south of Blackrock Spire and the Badlands.

    Sorry… Just had to point that out.

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