Mister Evil Runs for Office


Mister Evil believes he can run the Evil Alchemist University better than his peers, so he runs for office against his former graduate student and now superior, Quintus. What will he do to convince the board that he is truly evil enough to be dean? Come to work driving a hybrid kodo? Nothing is too extreme for Mister Evil.


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26 Responses to Mister Evil Runs for Office

  1. DementiusNo Gravatar says:

    What was the evil theme song in the background? I can’t find the soundtrack anywhere.

  2. SthephanNo Gravatar says:

    Hey OX!!!!!!!! Everybody wants to see da continuation of this story! Why did you stop making movies??? A lot of people want u making movies and see what will happen with our dear Professor Evil!!

    See ya!

  3. DualhammerNo Gravatar says:

    I call horse droppings. There’s no way most of the votes could have gone to Associate Professor Quintus now that we know that Mister Evil drives a hybrid kodo. That thing pretty much spits in the eye of God, Vishnu, Zeus, Charles Darwin, P.E.T.A, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

    Quintus was probably fiddling with the tally box.

  4. AviNo Gravatar says:

    Aside from the ridiculous political agenda, I found this movie rather funny, and it excelled at satire despite the fact that I don’t agree with its message.

    • OxhornNo Gravatar says:

      I’d be very interested to learn what message you think it has :)

      • AviNo Gravatar says:

        Well, you equate ‘political correctness’ and a smoking ban on campus with evil (though I recognize that’s intended to be hyperbolous), and putting the most evil candidate in an Obama-campaign style poster isn’t a very subtle way of expressing your disapproval of Obama.

        Oh god smoking though: I recognize people’s right to smoke and I wouldn’t interfere with that, but when they do it right outside of the doorways at my campus it’s like I can feel my lungs getting emphysema.

  5. DascylusNo Gravatar says:

    Sorry for the double post, but I’m also curious about what your plans are for the next Christmas video. I’m sure we’re all looking forward to more holiday antics with Oxhorn, Stag, and Mort. With Cataclysm close at hand, wondering what creative uses you will make with the Goblin and Worgen races. Maybe even a new installment in the Inventing Swear Words saga? Come on, we all know you have a new swear word you’re just dying to put on video.

  6. DascylusNo Gravatar says:

    Any possibility of making an episode where Lieutenant Colonel Virtue attacks Silvermoon/Goldshire and kills all the ERPers?

  7. brennusNo Gravatar says:

    Love the crack about reducing Grad Student Gruel allotments! Makes me feel right at home as an under-appreciated Grad student.

  8. CucurbitoNo Gravatar says:

    Pff,now let actions speak Mr.Evil!!!Quintus is gonna DIE!

  9. tarrsonNo Gravatar says:

    lololol great spoof…makes me wish Deno won here in wash. associate professer tennis shoes again!!!!!arggggggh

  10. Dame KageNo Gravatar says:

    I loved this video especially since you made fun of how the commercials are around election time which just got over.

  11. AussieBeefNo Gravatar says:

    WHat was the name of the song used in the bar lol sounded pretty good?

  12. bexyishNo Gravatar says:

    hehe loved it ox! poor mister evil tho :( /hugs

  13. IzamitoNo Gravatar says:

    Associate Profess… Mr. Evil, He tries so hard.

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