Inventing Swear Words 4


After grossing out all his friends by announcing his engagement, the day has finally arrived for Mortuus to marry Lacy, the love of his life. Even if she is a giant half-cow womanish… thing. And who officiates the wedding? Why, none other than Warlord Gorchuck, who has apparently had his fill of red snappah!


17 Responses to Inventing Swear Words 4

  1. ETBETNo Gravatar says:

    Lol, if this was Halo, Lacy would have had 4 Melee Kill medals and an Overkill.

  2. Game CrazedNo Gravatar says:

    “FOR THE LOVE OF LEEROY HIDE THAT HIDEOUS HAIR!!!!” I loved that part, thats really clever.

  3. SpaarhawkNo Gravatar says:

    can anyone say bridezilla?

  4. AdamNo Gravatar says:

    Got enough air in that helmet, Stag?

  5. AeseihturNo Gravatar says:

    8:56 but i’m not even wearing pants

  6. zalonzaNo Gravatar says:

    this wedding is madness.NO THIS IS MY WEDDING!!

  7. Ok, I am just another romantic one, but I almost cried when I first heard “lovely, you’re lovely”. It is so sweet… and she is so UGLY!!!
    I think I would scream just like Ox and Stag if I had to see her in bikini personally… Though I screamed anyways while watching the first chapter. At 3 AM. The neighboors had to tell me to shut up.

  8. afdsfdfNo Gravatar says:

    THIS.. IS.. MY WEDDING! lol imagine if they put THAT in 300

  9. SithisNo Gravatar says:

    Aww i love your movies! Mortuus ftw πŸ˜€ i got goosebumps at “Lovely, you’re lovely” :)

  10. L33t h@zors ftw cuz thats what that movie is

  11. JediCody2No Gravatar says:

    “Madness? This is… MY WEDDING!”
    INCOMING! Mad tauren bride!

  12. JJFryerNo Gravatar says:

    YAY they got married. Love conquerors all. Even ugliness (according to Staghorn and Oxhorn)

  13. RhoninNo Gravatar says:

    Your videos are just biggest masterpeace i have ever seen expecially all series of Inventing swear words!!! You guys are epic

  14. TherawynNo Gravatar says:

    I can’t say this enough… I just love your movies. I have to say, the storyline between Mortuus and Lacy is awesome. I got goosebumps when I heard that last song in here. Keep up the awesome work, d00dz! πŸ˜€

  15. ErazorNo Gravatar says:

    Great series! “If you wanna be happy” is the best song ever!

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