Epic Raids


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My friend came up with this idea. We were in the office writing silly songs about coworkers and then he started singing this chorus. I carried it further and wrote the full song. For all those familiar with the old TV show Happy Days, you should find this video funny. I tried to mimic the show intro as much as I could, and I even threw in a “jumping the shark” reference. My coworker StephenM assisted me with some of the video editing.
Hope you like it!

3 Responses to Epic Raids

  1. BB^QNo Gravatar says:

    Goodbye real life, Hello fake, Raid every moment im awake!

  2. SkulltakerNo Gravatar says:

    I have seen happy days and the shark jump put it over the top nice tipping of the hat to the Fonz.

  3. FretsNo Gravatar says:

    Best Part, Human comes in and waves then sees that naked Night elf turns around and runs out. The Fonz would be proud. Also the shark Jump was pretty win XD

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