Dynamic Action Team Episode 01


“Cut That Wood!

I made this for WeGame.com back in 2008.
Franswah is tired of being a stereotypical “button-mashing killer”. In this episode, he convinces Gustav and Mop to try something new. Something… better?

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  1. Alan SmithNo Gravatar says:

    Oxhorn, I love your videos, all of them, and I still wish that you didn’t stop making them, but the diversity of your videos all have a similar aspect to them, something that connects all of the differences. Btw, I also love the voices(most of which are yours :)) in your videos. ;DDD

  2. JediCody2No Gravatar says:

    @1:15 TRAIN!!!TRAIN!!!!TRAIN!!!!
    (If you didn’t guess, I’m really into trains)

  3. EnkaNo Gravatar says:

    Hello Oxhorn, i see there was a time you enjoyed playing Team Fortress. I played the old version of the game (your movie is with the new characters from Team Fortress 2) and i loved it. There were many TF2 machinima movies, your´s is funny in the Way to start Roll-Playing in a Ego-Shooter *rolfmao* ^^ I´m from germany, i hope you could understand what i meaned ^^ good luck to you for your up-coming WOW-machinima projects. don´t think i only saw the TF2-machinima movie, but i only leave coment here because i did not expect you played TF2 (and maybe TFC too.. :-)) . Your WOW-machinima movies are great. i love them! inventing swear words roXx! (they should give some sort of “oscar for machinima movies” 😀 greetz, enka

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