Associate Professor Evil Kills All Ninja Looters


Associate Professor Evil is up for tenure! Finally, after all his many years as instructor at the Evil Alchemist University, he can establish himself. But will he get his tenure? Or will some unpredictable event cause him to seek after some powerful item that might have the chance of being stolen by ninja looters maybe perhaps?

This movie is the third in a series.


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  1. TinaNo Gravatar says:

    My god, I first saw Lt. Virtue appeared in Like The Game and I’ve been wondering who that badass-looking character is. Great appearance in a great movie.

  2. MouldzNo Gravatar says:

    “Make sure you recycle my ashes”

  3. RokasNo Gravatar says:

    You sir, are most awesome.

  4. gniobNo Gravatar says:

    **** if he takes away all those ppl there is no left lulzlmao

  5. My favorite Mr. Evil video so far. :) Everything happens for a reason. Didn’t get that promotion at work? That’s okay, you’ll soon turn into a whole new person.

  6. IssoPaeNo Gravatar says:

    LoLoL… This is like the most best anti annoy movie ever… Keep making epic movies Brandon.. i love it

  7. Tridda1No Gravatar says:

    Lietunant kurnel virute should come along too anybody annoying and kill them and then ban them from chat for a couple of hours XD

  8. JediCody2No Gravatar says:

    The felblood elves never were part of Black Temple (as far as I am aware), but they do fit the theme of the raid.

  9. MattwoNo Gravatar says:

    Didn’t see the LCV transformation coming! He actually seems more evil lol even though he’s still doing the world a favor…

  10. Hi! Wonderful thought, but will this actually do the job?

  11. DeadhoofNo Gravatar says:

    I hate every annoying type of player he named. But the beggars and cyberers are the worst.

  12. OlleNo Gravatar says:

    i just love brand melody:lolomgwegnerqueen, lolomgwtgtheq… Or something

    • CoryNo Gravatar says:

      “lol omg wtg dairy queen lol omg bb the q”

      Just thought i would let you know.

      P.S. Associate Professor Evil ftw( Or mr evil but i like the ring to A.P.E.

  13. TherawynNo Gravatar says:

    I love A.P.E and Lt. Colonel Virtue. 😀 This is without a doubt his best movie so far! Keep up the great work 😉

  14. Lt.Colonel Virtue, FTW! :) Best character in Oxhorn Videos, besides Mortuus.

  15. we could use Lt. Col. Virtue in Sen’Jin

  16. BlodsphereNo Gravatar says:


  17. ZiharkNo Gravatar says:

    Best song with the best character in your movie selection! One of my favorites

  18. TaurenDKNo Gravatar says:

    Lol, I hope never to see Him. I am a true ninja looter.

  19. tank,tank heal tank! i just love that song!

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