Here is a collection of some of the best games for free, personally reviewed by me. I’ve published them here with the permission of the authors for you all to enjoy. Play on!


These games are designed to work on personal computers, including laptops, desktops, and towers. They may not work on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

So I’ve often had a hard time finding quality games for fee online. Many of the free ¬†games portals I visit have so many poor quality games that I get lost on their websites, and have a hard time finding something good to play.

So, I created this section of my website. Here you will only find free games online that I have personally played and enjoy. Therefore, you’ll probably see a bunch of puzzle and strategy games, as I find those most interesting. I’ll be sure to play and review some action and shooter game for free as well, just to keep things interesting.

This is a photo of online games that are free.For those who search online for free games, I hope this collection will make your hunt easier. I don’t use a star system like many game reviewers. I find such systems rather nebulous–they’re so subjective (even Roger Ebert had a problem with his own star rating system). Instead, I will write a short review before each game that highlights my personal experience playing it, and explains why I added it to my collection of games that are free online.

Many of the free online games that you can play here have higher resolutions. I’ve embedded smaller sizes so they can fit on this website, but I’ve also included links to the game source so that you can play the games for free in higher resolution, if you wish. That said, they will all be large enough for you to play quite comfortably here at

This image shows gamers going online for free games.

It’s my goal to showcase newer, less popular free games. I feel like all the major games are available on any assortment of casual gaming websites–in fact, if you go from game portal to game portal, you’ll often see many of the same games. Instead, I want to find some gems that haven’t been discovered yet, and offer them all to you to enjoy.

I’ll appreciate your input! Please leave comments on each game page. I want to gauge the community’s response. If I post a game here that I enjoy, but many of you don’t, this is great information I can use to ensure I publish a collection of online games that are free that are more popular. Don’t hesitate to be vocal in your praise or criticism!

A photo of games that are free online.

With that, I’ll leave you to it. Enjoy the free games online, and be sure to come back every day to play a new game.

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