Q. “You’re movies rock! Can you teach me how to make machinima?”

A. Thank you! I have written two machinima guides which you can read here and here. I’ve also produced machinima tutorials which you can watch here. Machinima is a fun and rewarding hobby, and I encourage you to take it up. It is still a lot of work, and so don’t get frustrated if you make a few bad movies. Just keep making movies—that is the important thing!

Here is a list of my machinima tutorials so far, listed in order:

Update 09/05/13: WeGame has since deleted these videos. I have them somewhere on my computer, but I need to find and re-upload them. Stay tuned.

Q. “Can I be in your next movie? Can I be a voice actor?”

A. Thank you for the offer! I do most of the voice acting myself and have a few friends who help me out when I need it. I also don’t record any characters in the actual game, but instead composite in my own characters. Thanks for offering though.

Q. “I really like your songs! Can I have the MP3s?”

A. You bet! I’ve released two albums to date, and you can download them here:

Q. “Can I buy your music on CD?”

A. You bet! You can buy a physical, pressed copy of both my albums, complete with jewel case, cover art and insert, on Amazon.com:

Q. “Why do you drink and smoke during your weekly show? I’m a parent with kids and think this sets a bad example.”

A. I totally appreciate your concern and the last thing I want to be is a bad example for your kids. My philosophy, however, is that it is not the substance that is evil, but the behavior of the person who uses it that is evil. If I smoke a tobacco pipe once a week, as part of my show and just for fun, I am not feeding an addiction and therefore am not being a bad example. If I have one small glass of scotch every night and do not get drunk, then this is a healthy, mature use of alcohol. I rather like to think that I am showing your kids the proper way to use substances that are abused far too often in popular entertainment. As the parent, it is up to you to take your child aside when he asks about my glass and my pipe and explain to him how to responsibly and legally use such substances when they become adults.

Einstein, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and Mark Twain all smoked pipes, and all of them were respectable and respected individuals that children learn about in their history and English books. Additionally, Jesus’ first miracle was turning water into wine. If you get it in your head that booze and tobacco are just bad for kids to know about, then you must at least hold some sort of disparaging view towards all of these historical figures. This mentality is unfair to a growing mind.

Rather, it is better to teach a child who has questions about such controlled substances that these items are harmless when used wisely and maturely–that is, in moderation, socially, and without the goal of getting drunk or addicted. If children were raised under this philosophy, then certain social stigmas against harmless activities would be removed, and I would argue that the “allure” of drinking and smoking unwisely would dissipate.

Q. “I would like to advertise my product or website in your movies. Are you interested?”

A. Not for free, but maybe if you’re willing to “wet my beak”. Blizzard allows me ten seconds of space for sponsorship or advertisements in my movies. I place all sponsorship at the end of my movies during the credits. Fill out the following contact form with your proposal:

Q. “Do you do freelance video editing?”

A. Yes I do! While my specialty is machinima, I also produce videos for clients, and charge an hourly rate. I offer video recording, editing and production, voice-over services, and audio recording, editing and production. I have worked with many clients to produce tutorials, award shows and demonstrations. Fill out the form below if you have an offer for me.

Q. “I see your tag about Jesus at the end of your movies and am wondering, what are your religious beliefs?”

A. I am a Christian who loves Jesus and believes the Bible. I’m non-denominational but lean strongly Reformed (Calvinist). I place that text at the end of my movies because I need to remind myself that all I have came from God as his free gift of mercy to me, which I did not earn and which I do not deserve. I simply want to remind my fans that if they like anything I make, what they like ultimately came from God, not me.

Q. “Where does the art in your movies come from?”

A. I use video game art from Blizzard’s massive multiplayer online role playing game, World of Warcraft. I have found WoW to be the perfect medium with which to make my movies. All original art is done by myself, unless otherwise stated in the credits.

Q. “What server do you play on?”

A. Silver Hand.

Q. “Why did you leave WeGame?”

A. Alas, such was the state of the economy that WeGame was forced to conduct layoffs, and I got the axe. WeGame is still running strong and is producing great things, so head on over and watch some of their movies!

Q. “Do you still play World of Warcraft?”

A. Making machinima takes a lot of time. I had to make a choice–do I make machinima, or do I play the game? I chose to make machinima. I log into the game often, but only ever to shoot footage for a new movie.

Q. “Will you continue to make the Dynamic Action Team series?”

A. No, I will solely make World of Warcraft machinima from here on out.

Q. “Can I play with you? Will you chat with me? Can I send you cookies? Will you sing at my wedding? Will you make my movie for me? Will you visit my grandmother at Shady Gardens Retirement Home?”

A. Nooooooooo.

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  1. Hey oxhorn, My map viewer 5 i beleive doesnt work, i open it and then it closes.

  2. RyanNo Gravatar says:

    Hi, I had a question about copyright. I’m very interested in making videos/animation within WOW but I wasn’t sure if you could get into trouble for that. Ever heard of “World of Warcraft – Blind” by Percula”? She got into trouble, yet I’m not sure why. Do you know what to do? Or what it is that we can/cant do? Thank you!

    • OxhornNo Gravatar says:

      I’ve never gotten in trouble for making wow vids. How did the author of Blind get in trouble?

      • RyanNo Gravatar says:

        I am not sure. It’s something that I am hoping to find out. The only description I was given was that the copyright holder found her/his video on YouTube and had it taken down. Not sure if it was Blizzard or the song writer. I’m hoping it’s the latter because this looks like a lot of fun! Though if it’s the former I want to figure out what she/he did wrong so I can avoid it (and still make videos, mwahaha)
        Thank you :)
        (Also, love your vids, keep up the fantastic work!)

  3. MiclassyNo Gravatar says:

    Dear Oxhorn,
    At what age did you become the classy man that you are today?
    Yours sincerely,

  4. Hey, I was wondering, I love your videos, and so I was hoping that I could play a little bit of, It’s beginning to look a lot like this raid isn’t going to happen, or some of your other songs at the end of my videos if I credit you. Just trying to cheer people up while giving them some small gaming tips. (e.g. )

  5. DarhathNo Gravatar says:

    With WoWMapViewer not working properly, How exactly do you make your machinima videos. I’ve been thinking about trying to make my own, but the fact that it doesn’t work has caused me to hit a roadblock before I’ve even started.

    Any help that you or anyone else here can give would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Hello!

    Just a quick question, Sir Oxhorn. Have you done collaborations with Cranius? And… where did you have a cameo appearance in his video ‘The Lament of Captain Placeholder’?

    Thanks a bunch :)

  7. flare9299No Gravatar says:

    You say you make your own Bible, and I’d like to request for one, how much would you charge?

    If you could provide a link with any details or requirements it’ll be much appreciated, thank you :)

  8. whats the name of the vid (it’s a pvp one) but it has a song i =n it (they say patriotic game, or somethin tht sounds alot like it) in it. plz repy (and i know it’s a vague description)

  9. DaizhaleNo Gravatar says:

    Sup. So yea, I have the latest version of WoW and I have no idea how to get model viewer or map viewer to work. Model says its outdated and it closed and map just comes up with an error because they changed the MPQs completely. I sent a YouTube message kind of explaining it more. But I really wanna know how to fix it.

  10. RadoomNo Gravatar says:

    Hey, I’m not a Christian, I strongly deny any god’s existence, but anyway, did you ever knew where Mortuus took his name from? Oh, your beliefs make you look lame. You were cool at first, before I read this fact about you…

    • @radoom
      Hey, I’m not Christian, I thought that was going to be a well written comment, but now I see, you still need to realize not to hate people for believing something else, what are you five?

  11. AmyNo Gravatar says:

    I’m sure you get a lot of suggestions so I won’t bore you but if you look at the video you can see the appeal. ~~

  12. LéaNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you for these explanations have been very helpful.

  13. There should be a suggestion box thing.

  14. I’ve noticed a large response to a techno video called caramell dansen or danshen. I’m sure you get a lot of suggestions so I won’t bore you but if you look at the video you can see the appeal. I’m just glad you’re past the wet willy stage in life and anime girls won’t give you a hard-on…. and please if they do please don’t tell me. Can we hang out? I’m so lonely… oh wait that’s in the FAQ. I bet you’ve noticed i’m a smart ass and i’m quite bored atm….

  15. How long does it take you to make the average video?

  16. CheesecakeNo Gravatar says:

    How did you make the epic fight scene in Inventing swear words 3

  17. SahiyaNo Gravatar says:

    I really loved your ‘Inventing Swear Words’ series. I’m looking forward to your next.

  18. SahiyaNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you so much, for putting so much time into helping people make Machinima. I’ve always wanted to make my own Machinima, and if it weren’t for you, I would never have thought I could ACTUALLY do it!

  19. You are brilliant and I love your videos. Everything you do is evidence of rare genius. You are a gift to the world. I love your funny videos the best, but Racing the Grimtotem, although sad, is beautiful and very worthwhile.

    I am puzzled: I can find no information about The Gnarled Claw of Morhaime. Did they remove it from the game?

  20. KazzikNo Gravatar says:

    Can I get the chords to “Lovely, you’re lovely”? I want to sing it to my GF!

  21. interesting reading your posts- good points, that i find and you manage to pick them up

  22. Well, World of Warcraft and the WAR beta both had / have their moments.

  23. AnnaNo Gravatar says:

    I emailed you over a year ago and you never replied :(

  24. NakatoNo Gravatar says:


    remeber me ox?

    what do you do first audio or video?

  25. SullieNo Gravatar says:

    Does any of the downloads like model viewer have bugs or viruses?

  26. JOSHUANo Gravatar says:


  27. owainNo Gravatar says:

    i cant get mapviewer to work what do i do?

  28. MoniNo Gravatar says:

    Hi, Oxhorn, I love your films :3
    As a fellow WoW machinima artist, may I ask how you capture your sets? (I.e. WoWMapviewer, in game, or other?) I dare not try to patch the MapViewer with my lame programming skills. XD

  29. Hey Oxhorn, LOVE ur movies! Lol if u could choose again, would u redo anything on wow or making videos, would u do anything different? Did anything inspire u to make ur wonderful movies?

    • ThorniliusNo Gravatar says:

      you don’t want my cookies? 😛

      I was thinking of creating an internatiational oxhorn day! Where we celebrate the day you first uploaded the inventing swear wordsseries onto youtube. And we would all bake you cakes and where your hat and suspenders and whatnot.

  30. Instead of playing WoW you chose to make machinima but you got the Headless horsemans mount few days ago so are you still playing? =D, i don’t why
    but i think it would be cool really, i’m European so i colund chat with you ingame blabla ^^.

  31. G!ZMONo Gravatar says:

    erm um yeah the minis are cool but so is your flute i just wanna know what you play and how long have you played it to play as well as you do 😛

  32. ClemensNo Gravatar says:

    hi oxhorn,

    i noticed that you made a spelling (or grammar, i dunno) mistake in the second question, it says “you’re” while it should say “your”.
    [br /]
    it’s right in the list above the questions though.

  33. whenever i try to talk in chat it dosen’t show do i need something

  34. AelithNo Gravatar says:

    hey oxhorn, love youre vids and been with for a while ^^, so as you currently are releasing your CD and mp3’s etc, i was wondering if you could give spotify a push to get you in there would be lovely :D, elseway keep up the good work, btw if you need swedish tutoring im here ;3

  35. i just want to ask you (since i didnt find anywhere else)in what guild where you befor quiting wow? i think relocktance but my friend tells me that is rulocktance

  36. Thank you I am in need of a new fedora since the last one blew away,and my life has been without meaning till now Huzah!

  37. LegendeNo Gravatar says:

    You heard him, you can’t send him cookies. All the folks that did buy boxes of cookies can in stead send them to me and I will dispose of them for you.

  38. ThierryTNGNo Gravatar says:

    will you visit grandmothers who live in other retirement homes?

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