Browser Toolbar

  • Listen to Oxhorn’s music for free, wherever you go on the net
  • Watch Oxhorn’s movies, wherever you are on the net
  • Watch Oxhorn’s live show no matter where you are on the net
  • Oxhorn’s live streaming updates, fed right to your browser
  • Quick links to Oxhorn on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and more
  • Supports Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari
  • Free!
Click to Install the Music Player for ChromeClick to Install the Live Show Player for Chrome

23 Responses to Browser Toolbar

  1. KwejeeboNo Gravatar says:

    My FireFox updated to 5.0 and isn’t compatible with the toolbar anymore. Am I going to be stuck without the toolbar or will it eventually be compatible again?

  2. the catNo Gravatar says:

    how do i get it to work on Google chrome

  3. GazzaNo Gravatar says:

    Oxhorn, you are the man. 😀

  4. miniwazzaNo Gravatar says:

    how did you make the background cos i cant get one for my youtube

    plz subb bak

  5. flare9299No Gravatar says:

    I just downloaded it, I’m a sucker for things like this.

  6. CassielNo Gravatar says:

    The Google Chrome music app won’t play unless I keep the app opened at all times. That just how it is or is there a config I can change ?

  7. why wont it let me change the song while im listening to your christmas cd?

  8. OxhornNo Gravatar says:

    @Zoofer: It installs into the toolbar you are using when you download it. So if you want it for FireFox, for example, open it with FireFox :)

  9. Zoofer24No Gravatar says:

    the toolbar just installs to IE, doesnt give a choice for which browser to install to.

  10. Nicolai’s question pertains to my interests.

  11. NicolaiNo Gravatar says:

    Will it eventually become available for Google Chrome?

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