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  1. hey ox, your buddy Abranu here. earlier on an old show in january, i mention that i finally punted my first gnome, well actually three gnomes at the darkmoon faire. i am still waiting on a “box o’ gnomes” addon for my wow. by the way, congrats on the wife and little tauren. you should include nova in an oxhorn video, she can be one of the few elves who are ok in the eyes of ox, and friends. which reminds me, since nova is familiar with resident evil, i happen to write resident evil fanfictions. it was something i did as a hobby, i created a mini-series of stories that revolve around an anti-hero i created named Omoto Draco. he’s a half-man, half-dragon demon who bears a huge grudge against anyone or any THING that serves the umbrella corporation, plus he’s a ninja assassin and the rebecca character from resident evil games one and zero is his wife, and he’s a multi-billionaire.

  2. Hat says hi from LegoLand in CA

  3. craigNo Gravatar says:

    Hey Brandon, I have an idea for a machinima, me being a native scottish and having a heavy scottish accent, once I can get the cash together and buy the equipment I want to make a machinima with a Dwarven Hunter lost / exploring Stranglethorn Vale, Mind you this will be in a few years time since i’m only 16 and would rather start when I move out of my parent’s house, Please and thank you if you give me your opinion on this idea <33

  4. Hey,
    I don’t know if it’s just me, or just temporary, but the “send” button on the contact form refuses to become active. Yes, the form is fully filled out and yes, the “I understand . . .” box has been clicked. Is something going on or am I missing something obvious?

    • connorNo Gravatar says:

      a little thing pops up saying the message was sent, maby its out of sight for the way youv positioned the browser window? just a thought. gl.

  5. Hi Sean, I am not affiliated with oxhorn, however i do believe these gentlemen have a tutorial on youtube where they show just what machines and processes are need to make a machinim.

    -hope this helps
    – your friendly neighborhood horde, John.

  6. Hey there Oxhorn. I love your stuff but I have a question that I hope you will enlighten me about. I am working for my local community college and one of the tasks I’ve been assigned is kid of unique I think. The college has a Second Life island and they want to put together some machinima and they want me to figure out what components to use. I thought I might ask you what type of machine you use to get your machinima made. As long as it’s not a trade secret or something. Anyway thanks in adavance :)


  7. how do i do it do i copy and paste

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