WoW Game Masters

That sounds balanced, doesn't it fellows?
The WoW Game Masters live on GM Island, far north of Icecrown in Northrend. When they aren’t standing around water coolers talking about water coolers, they spend their time sitting around tables brainstorming really great ideas to make the world even more “balanced” than it already is. Their latest invention is the next hero class—Lightning Templar.

Expect to see it devastating the world very shortly.

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10 Responses to WoW Game Masters

  1. bigballaNo Gravatar says:

    there idiots if they think that
    “a attack that instantly kills a target on a 5 second cooldown 3 stuns all on diffrent cooldown at lvl 70 get a epic mount and can travel anywhere on azeroth with the thunder clap abillity and have a spell that makes anyone hwo touches them be electrocuted to death”says”hows that for balanced”and everyones like yeah yeah yeah flak yeah! there idiots really

  2. LachlanNo Gravatar says:

    The the deathknight was a choice of three
    #1 Death Knight
    #2 Necromancer

  3. LeonniketNo Gravatar says:

    death knights aren’t bad and idc if they begin scourge at level 55 i have an 80 dk don’t mess with me in pvp i’ll crush you like an insect

  4. LeonniketNo Gravatar says:

    lol i thought the new hero class was gonna be the bard

  5. DessariusNo Gravatar says:

    lolomgwtgdairqueen lolomgroflbb^theq lol love Lightning Templar i want blizz to actually make it a hero class lol rofl

  6. RandomguyNo Gravatar says:

    Dont worry, they’ll just make them worse than DKs after people complain of them being too overpowered. I miss my ghoul second life… lol

  7. Wow, nice. It’ll make death-knights look like cute cuddly little kitty cats! :)

  8. TybyriusNo Gravatar says:

    HA HA! I love those guys, make me think of how blizzard staff think of bringing a hero to “balance” out the game, yeah….. that will work… 😛

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