The Invisible Pink Unicorn

Because Aliens Make Just as Much Sense
The Invisible Pink Unicorn is an omnipotent unicorn that is both invisible and pink. Admittedly, believing in him takes a lot of faith. Which is totally different from believing aliens, since we have SO much evidence that proves they exist. We have seen aliens, met them, shaken their hands and taken them out for drinks. Therefore, any sane self-important engineer is totally able to tout the existence of aliens that seeded life onto this planet using a giant floating space crystal. But the moment he mentions the Invisible Pink Unicorn, he is SHUNNED!


On a more personal note, the Unicorn enjoys ham and pineapple pizza. But not ham and mushroom pizza. For mushrooms are, after all, fungi.

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8 Responses to The Invisible Pink Unicorn

  1. OxhoofNo Gravatar says:

    to say it in the words of a film charakter:

    if we where the only ppl here it would be a vast waste of space out there in Space!
    So yes there MUST be aliens out there since if there wasnt it realy would have been a wast of work creating the universe in the first place Rofl

  2. what makes an alien an alien though, for all we know our dogs could be aliens

  3. StabbymcjabNo Gravatar says:

    Don’t tell me, in the next episode with the unicorn he’s going to take the Beliver to Candy Mountain where his kidney is stolen? lol jk

  4. keilmannNo Gravatar says:

    Regardling alien life it is statisticly impossible that life does not exist on other planets.Regardling religion the flying spaghetti Monster is much better for he touches us all with his noodly goodness & doesnt stab people with horns just for not beliving.

    • OxhornNo Gravatar says:

      It actually can’t be statistically impossible yet, for it has only happened once to our knowledge and in order for statistics to be made there must be more than one occurrence. Additionally, it is a logical fallacy to conclude that one occurrence of a thing MUST lead to an additional occurrence of the same thing. For example, Beethoven’s Ninth was written once. This is no reason to conclude that the exact piece must have spontaneously been written again at some other point in time, just because it happened once.

      In order for any theory to be science, it must be based on evidence. Statistical evidence only works if there are enough occurrences of the event to create statistics. Therefore any belief in aliens of any size or shape IS faith until we have evidence they exist.

  5. ZryanNo Gravatar says:

    Aliens do exist, my good chum, but they aren’t little green men who blow stuff up. No, they are but single cell organisms which, by definetion, are aliens. So if people choose to belive that they do exist they are correct.

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