The Giant Floating Head

The Giant Floating Head is in charge of the Mighty Morphin’ Midget Gnomes. Well, “in charge” probably isn’t the best description–he doesn’t have that much authority. He basically only has the power to bribe the Gnomes to do his bidding. He has the best of intentions, of course. He wants to protect Stormwind from invaders and to root out anything that might cause harm to the world. The Gnomes just aren’t very cooperative. They are a source of never-ending frustration for the Giant Head, and yet they are the only ones he can use to save the world.

The Giant Head secretly wishes he could quit his job, retire and live out his days on some remote island where he could drink cocktails with giant floating female heads. Alas, such are the fanciful dreams of the working class. With uncooperative Gnomes and a Giant Floating Bald Head seeking to steal them from him, he may never know peace.

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  1. OrduronNo Gravatar says:

    That’s right I’m named Orduron on my Druid. Epic faaail.

  2. I’m greatly interested in things like this, Please make more on this topic.

  3. OrduronNo Gravatar says:

    giant floating head wants to live on an island? oh and i have a druid, in fact i based him after oxhorn, but i can remember his name Ordin? ordan?ordani? ordun? ah well ill remember ftl!

  4. LonomiNo Gravatar says:

    Sorry, my mistake, didn’t know the site wasn’t up for that long :/

  5. LonomiNo Gravatar says:

    I am surprised the difference between the number of hits on youtube for roflmao and then for his other much better movies (with story lines). Oxhorn, you should advertise this site on all of your movies, because the number of comments and ratings for this is a bit depressing. By the way, this is my character name on World of Warcraft in Farstriders if anyone is in that realm. Main character, he’s a Tauren Druid (made him before I watched Oxhorn) and my main. Wish I got more play time, though, only have him to level 55. Oh ya gotta say something related to floating head, don’t I? Eye lasers and teeth tongue lips FTW!

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