Roper & Lanalee

Roper and Lanalee got married when they were very young. Roper didn’t have a job, and spent much of his time drinking with his friends and racing kodos, but when he married Lanalee, all of that changed. He took up herbalism as his main trade, and made a good living selling herbs in the auction house. He was able to buy his wife a new tent in Bloodhoof Village, and to buy his pet kodo a new saddle.

Then one day, Mulgore was raided by a band of elves from the alliance, and they burned the ground all around Bloodhoof Village. It was impossible for Roper to gather his herbs, but day after day he went out to search anyway, as their store of food dwindled. Finally their food was gone, and Lanalee brought up the horrible prospect of eating the family kodo. She found a flyer promoting a kodo race in the Shimmering Flats, with the prize being fifty gold! That would be more than enough to live off of until the land healed itself, and the herbs grew back. Roper brought his kodo down to the track on the day of the race, and met his competitors—the thuggish members of the Grimtotem Clan.

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  1. you should make another saying that Staghorn was the one who killed Lanalee and the friendship was only to get the money back….. classic backstab

  2. HaxadinNo Gravatar says:

    When i watched Racing the Grimtotem last time, i was still like “Noo… poor Roper and Lanalee…”

  3. AnoXyNo Gravatar says:

    Rest in peace Lanalee :'(

  4. /cry

    Poor Oxhorn. Losing his mom like that. So sad.

  5. That one guyNo Gravatar says:

    Yeaaaah the movie was good, but the kodo they almost ate was Busco, Busco is Oxhorns kodo sooooooo….. howd he get it?

  6. JaydenNo Gravatar says:

    I loved that vid.It made me cry so much,AND I’M A GUY!!!

  7. some oneNo Gravatar says:

    It was a good movie i just hated how you didnt have a microphone back then :(

  8. I loved this movie.
    It was very well scripted and choreographed.

  9. DumpidNo Gravatar says:

    i didnt like their movie so much, probably becuase it was your first try at “Drama” machinima. i’m sure if you ever make a new one it’ll be better

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