Guilt-stricken Orc

The Guilt-stricken Orc works for Orgrimmar’s Department of Alliterative Action, which seeks to reimburse monsters for all the horrors Orcs have inflicted upon them in the past. The Department believes that monsters can be bought off, and that free money and favor when applying for loans can pay monsters back for killing them since the beginning of time.

The Department recognizes that Orcs have been bigoted in their treatment of monsters. It believes that it is never right to treat one being differently than another simply because of the body it was born into. It therefore goes out of its way to inspect the bodies of all potential grant and loan applicants, judge them according to a list of qualifications and, once it has decided that your body is monster-ish enough, it will give you free money. If you don’t qualify? You are cast out into the cold. But hey! You have no right to be angry. The Department is just going out of its way to treat monsters better than everyone else, as a form of restitution. After all, they don’t want to look like bigots!

The Guilt-stricken Orc is the one that came up with the Department’s name, and he has been highly praised for doing such a good job. As we all know, an organization isn’t worth an ogre’s curly bum hair if its name doesn’t have alliteration.

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  2. LeonniketNo Gravatar says:

    LOL what’s a scarier monster than an Abomination one of the undead horrors created by the scourge

  3. OrduronNo Gravatar says:

    Infact, I disagree with that so much that I will say it in lolspeak.
    Jah….. Nu.

  4. AguyinaRPGNo Gravatar says:

    Such an understanding and yet misunderstood character, wishing to only bring charity onto those worthy of such compensation. Unfortunatly though, the majority of creatures that can receive donations can not even talk and thus those who can get nothing.

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