Gnomish Engineer

The Gnomish Engineer lives and works in Gadgetzan. He is responsible for creating many of Gadgetzan’s mechanical wonders, including the Diversity Robots. He is wholly concerned with industry and progress, and has very little patience with anyone who doesn’t see the world like he does. Are you a Druid? Well, you earth-mother-worshiping buffoon, you are holding society back. Are you a Priest? Your study of holy magic is just wasted time.

The Gnomish Engineer likes theories, proof and evidence. Unless the evidence doesn’t fit his theory. Then he doesn’t like evidence. And if you propose a theory that disagrees with a theory he likes better, well, then he doesn’t like your theory. And if you happen to have proof? Well, he’ll say it isn’t real proof, because you don’t cite articles written by respected engineers that believe the way he does which are peer-reviewed by other engineers that also believe the way he does.

You backward, circular-reasoning bumpkin you.

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6 Responses to Gnomish Engineer

  1. StabbymcjabNo Gravatar says:

    This is why gnomes are puntable. Along with it being irresistable period.

  2. Peconpie7No Gravatar says:

    U ar a n00b. i hope u fall in a turky machine so poor Thunk can eat u and we non-engineers can live.FTW!!

  3. MystiekNo Gravatar says:

    Please Oxhorn stop your a great machinama maker and song writer/singer but please stop making one sided charcters like this guy and all the sterotypeing of the Night Elves being Vegans and Hippies and stuff.
    Oh and btw Draenei? Please? :)

  4. LeonniketNo Gravatar says:

    Death Knights- You waste time killing the living and turn them into Flesh Eating Ghouls get a life! lol actually i am a dk and an Engineer

  5. DeadhoofNo Gravatar says:

    Death Knights: Your rotting brain makes you absolutely useless.
    Shamans: Why do you save the elements? They should be used for machines.
    Warriors: (What he said to Thunk)
    Paladins: (Same as priests)
    Mages: Your reading and spell casting will bring a great era for society.
    Warlocks: Destroying everything is now way to get ahead in life.
    Hunters: Your pointless attachment to animals is pointless machines are may convenient.
    Rouges: Why steal everything when my machines can get you anything you want you are merely wasting your time.

  6. WorMartiNNo Gravatar says:

    Yep, typical atheist. When I realized radical atheist are no better than radical beliver, I stopped being an atheist and as of now, I belive anything proven, if it’s not proven, than I take it as a possible option. For example, God. His existence is not proven, but neither is his non-existence, so I just live withou knowing if God exists or not and to be honest, I don’t care if he does, it wouldn’t change my life in any way, I have good moral without need of religion. :-) As for believers, I absolutely don’t mind them as long as they do not force their belief on others. Thank you for Invisible Pink Unicorn, it sure had its part on my “conversion”. 😉

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