florenceStaghorn met Florence one day while he was out riding his kodo. She was young and naive, and he was smitten at first sight. After a short fling involving lies, bribery, and fanciful stories, he decided to take her home with him to meet his friends. As is the case with most love affairs, his friends were slow to warm to her, but Staghorn didn’t care. She was beautiful and sweet (literally), and he was a hungry Tauren. It was a match made in heaven!

At first, Florence was nervous, but it all ended up all right because Staghorn ate her quickly. She was very tasty.

Oh, did I not mention Florence was a pecan pie? That’s right, a giant pecan pie. Not a person, you goof. Cannibalism is a bit dark for these movies, don’t you think?

Notable Appearances

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