Crusher, Butcher & Gusher

We Nom HumansBorn in the murky and moldy Duskwallow Marshes, Crusher, Butcher & Gusher were living pleasant lives of Orc-eating and human mashing until Mortuus stumbled upon them one day. Overwhelmed by his obvious l33tness, the three brother dragons swore never-ending loyalty to him and promised to come at his beck and call. They have since helped Mortuus and friends on many noble adventures.

They’ve given up their diet of Orcs (but they still nom on humans).

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  1. Orc eating: -; human mashing: +, good thing they gave up on Orc eating

  2. ZryanNo Gravatar says:

    I wish my character had a 1337 score high enough to tame dragons >.< oh well i guess i gotta be a noob and get wyrmrest rep instead of having mortuus' +1337 awesomeness aura

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