Believer likes asking questions. He is not satisfied with the textbook answer. Of course, when he asks questions like, “If all life came to this planet on a meteor, how did life first get onto that meteor?”, he tends to make enemies. Thankfully, he has a very nice friend who has a penchant for disemboweling people who annoy him.

Its good to have friends in high places.

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  1. I have a bannter here it is two cops are standing near a copse in a bathing suit(Male)then cop 1: this is terrble. cop 2 : you’re telling me a shot in the head not too orgnal. cop 1:no i meant the swim suit it’s terrble. cop 2 : you’re a idiot. cop 1:your a drunk. then the poice cheif comes walking up and saids wat are you doing? the cops don’t hear the doing cop 1 and cop 2 : being a idiot/drunk. cheif : ….okayyy? then the cheif walks away and you can use this bannter aslong as you say that the orgail idea was thought up by the blitmaster stay funny and elf chacking

  2. the beliver reminds me of a guy from sweadon MAKE HIM MAKE A CUKOO CLOAK IN A VIDEO WITH THE INVISBLE UNICORN that would be funny or make him go to we eat flesh and get in a fight with beaconmaster jr Now that would be funny so wat are you waiting for?! GO

  3. LeonniketNo Gravatar says:

    the hat is from brewfest and it’s the brown one

  4. MattwoNo Gravatar says:

    wait…it got hax wrong too? This blit translator is “UL7R4 $UP3R 3P1( pH41L!”

  5. MattwoNo Gravatar says:

    |-|0\/\/’D 7|-|15 Ph41L n00b /\/\4|< 0\/\/|\|493?

    If you can't read that then let me reverse translate…
    how'd this fail newb make a friend with elite hax ownage?

    (It translated newb wrong btw so I changed it myself…)

  6. OrduronNo Gravatar says:

    I like that guy. asking questions is a good thing, too. Having friends that kill people is a good thing too.

  7. JOtrubaNo Gravatar says:

    Was he not nammed “charlie” in the unicorn? (i just think its bit of harsh to not give him name here.
    besides you can call him BELIVER Charlie .)

  8. JanusNo Gravatar says:

    Huh. I was always under the impression it was a cover to knock off that arrogant elf.

  9. WilliamNo Gravatar says:

    Yah. It is kinda wierd.

  10. DeakkNo Gravatar says:

    Pffft! What a character, am I right guys?! HA HA HA!

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