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The Panda Exterminator is as Horde as Horde can get. He eats raw meat and likes it. He pours salt on slimes in Felwood, just to watch them boil. Yes, The Panda Exterminator is a vicious, nasty fellow–truly a role model for the children.


His one flaw (if it can be called such) is that he has certain expectations concerning what is Horde and what is not, and he imposes those expectations on the rest of the world. Usually this is not much of a problem. After all, fellow Horde members often agree with his narrow, brutal vision of Horde. But when the Pandaren arrived, something within his mind snapped.


The giant fluffy pandas were just too cute. Horde is not cute. Horde is vicious, warlike and beautiful. Horde is iron, fire and battle. Horde is not fluffy. Horde is not cute.


But, alas! The Panda Exterminator is apparently alone in his just observation. His fellow Horde members group with the Pandaren, raid with them, cook with them, fight with them, die with them. Yes, it appears the Horde has embraced the panda. Our hero is incensed.


And so The Panda Exterminator takes it upon himself to rid the Horde of the accursed panda in order to preserve the Horde’s unique, merciless reputation. He is making the Horde a better place, one less panda at a time.


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12 Responses to The Panda Exterminator

  1. I would presume this movie reflects your views on pandas and anyone who plays them?

  2. Worgen are fluffly ,not cute, BUT VICIOUS!! They belong to the horde

  3. KasandoraNo Gravatar says:

    This guy needs to team up with Lt. Colonel Virtue. Panda’s are annoying…and I…HATE…BEING…ANNOYED!!!

  4. MichaelaNo Gravatar says:

    Great video. I still like pandas though. But you have a point, Horde is not supposed to be cute.

  5. bigballaNo Gravatar says:

    well were all intitled to our own opinions like i like this video and love this guy but i like pandaren

  6. GranasNo Gravatar says:

    I really hope we see more of this “Hero” if you can call him that.

  7. DraknessNo Gravatar says:

    Pandas aren’t all cute but this guy is needed for the ones that are just cute balls, they must die, if you want cute go ally.

  8. Rob DexterNo Gravatar says:

    The Panda Exterminator is my new hero. Dang, I hate pandas… ='(

  9. EdohigumaNo Gravatar says:

    Cute for an orc. Thanks to the hat. But not as cute as tauren. And if you say tauren aren’t cute, check their women. They. Are. Cute. In a very bovine way which absolutely fits them.

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