The Master of Euphemisms

The Master of Euphemisms lives within a cave in the Un’Goro Crater. He is the master of wordplay, and can fill any seemingly harmless phrase with naughty meaning. Although his visage is appealing, and ladies chase his tires, he has been sadly unlucky in matters of non-oral rumination. Most recently, he met a filly who was keen and whose approach was navigable, but when he failed to rise and shine, she left him for some red-blooded cracker-jack. The experience has so crushed him that he fled the Crater and now works as an unlicensed purveyor of aquatic trans-location.

He’s a ferry-man.

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16 Responses to The Master of Euphemisms

  1. VisitrixNo Gravatar says:

    Translation: He met a female troll who liked him but when it was time for him to make love to her he couldnt perform so she found an orc who could perform so she left him and he fled and became a ferry master.

  2. KomNo Gravatar says:

    I can’t remember if it says something at the end of Inventing Swear Words 5 but if it didn’t I’m thinking he’s still probably there at the Blizzard HQ mindin’ that boat since the gang were teleported back to Kalimdor.

  3. Fargyl425No Gravatar says:

    Why is it that there it one troll in all bloiting azeroth that doesnt speak like a draking jamaican?

  4. MattwoNo Gravatar says:

    I think he should have been the horde’s Northend ferryman 😛

  5. kotten111No Gravatar says:

    I find him very calming cuz it’s like whatever happens he will just sit there ”mindin the boat” ^^

  6. meeNo Gravatar says:

    He is so cool! My favorite oxhorn character.

  7. OK translation he met a girl troll that liked him, but i unno that part so she left him for a person who could do whatever it is that iunno….. so hes an unlicensed ferryman to pass the time FTL!

  8. MP4No Gravatar says:

    Hey, he’s very hip and cool ^^

    go make some vids with him !

  9. Fatin_FathNo Gravatar says:

    Best freakin character ever!

  10. MNUCNo Gravatar says:

    Just sittin’ here mindin’ the boat.

    Not sure whthe rthis is good or bad, but I can undersatdn the weird menaing behind what he says sometimes. *shrug*

  11. OrvusNo Gravatar says:

    w00 go MoE trolls ftw but da trolls dey talk in da jamacian accent mon

  12. FaradarNo Gravatar says:

    Oh, the master is amazing.

  13. lowe257No Gravatar says:

    I think he´s great. He is the best character you have ever made ox. I did never think I would say this but you have finally created a character that dosn´t sucks, Bravo.

  14. DumpidNo Gravatar says:

    dont mind me, just minden the boat.

  15. BlueMatrixNo Gravatar says:

    He is also Cajun!!! FTW

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