Quintus–or, rather, Associate Professor Quintus–was Mister Evil’s former pupil, until the council members at the Evil Alchemist University gave him his master’s old job. Now, this is more frightening than at first it sounds. Mister Evil got demoted because he wasn’t evil enough. It goes to follow, then, that Quintus is… very, very nasty. What evils lurk within that cold, dead mind?

Quintus treats Mister Evil like scum. But really, it’s no worse than the way Mister Evil treated Quintus in the past. Emotions flare and tensions are strong between the two. When will the powder keg blow?

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8 Responses to Quintus

  1. kotten111No Gravatar says:

    I don’t like Quintus either but u have to remember that in Hat vs Barnaby he does enlargen Hat aswell so he is able to fight
    Barnaby with the excuse that and i quote ”fair is fair” and thats totally awsome!!

  2. OrduronNo Gravatar says:

    Associa- HMM *COUGH*COUGH* sorry, Mister Evil kills all Undead that are jerks and steal there masters jobs

  3. TherawynNo Gravatar says:

    I hope Lt. Colonel Virtue pwns Quintus’ flak really hard one day. I really don’t like Quintus… I really don’t. What a bloiting blit!

  4. StraszaNo Gravatar says:

    lets see….hes undead, ugly as sin, has a creepy voice, and a back stabber?…he fits the job discription for the evil alchemist university

  5. LonomiNo Gravatar says:

    Wait, Quintus was in Oxhorn’s Christmas Tree for a couple seconds saying “Mind if I crush the party” before Mr. Evil said that he stole his job, called him a jerk, and kicked him off the screen. It was short but shouldn’t he be included in that movie, too?

  6. DumpidNo Gravatar says:

    “When will the powder keg blow?” in the next episode of Associate Professor Evil of course

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