Barnaby is Mister Evil’s pet crab. He’s a rather laid back kinda guy. When Mister Evil found him, Barnaby was trying to catch cheese from a river. Mister Evil pointed out that it is impossible to catch cheese from a river, and Barnaby realized that he made a good point.

He was so impressed by Mister Evil’s smarts (and the bit of cheese he gave him) that Barnaby decided to follow him. Every now and then, Mister Evil will make some outrageous demand of Barnaby, like “Kill all the beggars in Orgrimmar for me, Barnaby” or “Kill all the gold farmers in Dead Wind Pass for me, Barnaby,” but Barnaby is pleased to oblige, for it often means that he’ll be able to feast on his favorite dish—elf.

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17 Responses to Barnaby

  1. SimonNo Gravatar says:

    ^.^ Barnaby and Hat, FTW!!

  2. l0lz why he in notable when he shub be in main with mr evil also u rock barnaby!!!

  3. stephanNo Gravatar says:


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  5. sandles204No Gravatar says:

    in barnaby’s description it said he was fishing for cheese! 😀 roflmoa!!!!!!!

  6. MattwoNo Gravatar says:

    He could easily be a combat NPC!

  7. Barnaby rules. there is no way else to put it

  8. mrchiddyNo Gravatar says:

    BARNABY! and hat! BARNABY! hat AND barnaby! Hat…{squeshlch} BARNABY!!!!!!!!!!!! rofl

  9. winkenoNo Gravatar says:

    barnaby is tha crab!! wash out for them pinchers!!

  10. LaddNo Gravatar says:

    What about Lieutenant Colonel Virtue’s Crystal Barnaby, or as I call him, Lieutenant Colonal Barnaby! Make him a bio! ((Barn, barn, barn, barn, barn, barn, barnaby! Barn, barn, barn, barn, kill all the beggars in Orgrimmar!))

  11. Asamess454No Gravatar says:

    LOL my dad has tauren hunter and he loves Oxhorn movies so he named his pet sand crawler from Howling and named it Barnaby FTW and Sandcrawlers rule at pets.. i mean err.. Barnaby 😀

  12. KILL ALL TEH BEGGarz in orgrimmar

  13. Barnaby ftw! He’s the best crab ever born! Without Barnaby who would Mister Evil have to cast powerful spells on to pwn n00b elf’s? Elves suck!

  14. AlerosNo Gravatar says:

    Barnaby,whos he?What do you mean he’s a crab,what do you…ow,he bit my ancle!

  15. crippyNo Gravatar says:


  16. barnaby you rulez ! take over the world with mister evil >D

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