Mortuus is an ubar l33t d00d. You know that guy that pwns ur flak hard? You know that guy who hangs out in Darnassus waiting for some gray elf to walk by? You know that guy who camps the graveyard, waiting for you to respawn? Mortuus, Mortuus, Mortuus. And he makes no apology for his behavior. After all, you chose to play the Alliance, and it is his mission to remind you every day that you chose wrong.

Mortuus has spent so much time perfecting his l33t ninja skillz that he never had a chance to learn the English language properly, and thus he can’t help but speak in l33t. But don’t make fun of the way he talks, or he’ll r0x0rz ur b0xorz with some r0ffle-waffles, you n00bish bloiting blits. Ftw.

Mortuus makes an appearance in Wrath of the Lich King. Thanks Blizzard!

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UPDATE: Guess what? He also makes an appearance in Cataclysm! Here are two pics of him as “Grand Executor Mortuus” in Cataclysm. Thanks AGAIN Blizzard!

[singlepic id=595 w=320 h=240 float=] [singlepic id=596 w=320 h=240 float=]

Major Movie Appearances:

Mortuus is a real character:

[wowarmory char=”mortuus” realm=”Silver Hand” talents=”1″ gear=”1″ profs=”1″ top=”1″ model=”1″ hair=”5″ haircolor=”6″ face=”0″ skincolor=”0″ facialhair=”0″ facialhairc=”0″]

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  1. i like mortuus because hes ubar ubar l33t and he replaced a word to ROflmao

  2. Notbob46No Gravatar says:

    Fairly certain I saw an NPC named Mort in WoW once.

  3. bigballaNo Gravatar says:

    this guy is a flaking role model for me because hes
    A:a rouge
    B:a ubber ubber leet noob slayer and bliting night elves slayer
    C:he makes staghorn really mad

  4. CelticlassNo Gravatar says:

    Mortuus and the rest of the oxhorn team always bring a smile to my day.
    I have both cd’s on my IPod. Haza for mortuus he brings a new meaning to pwnd!

  5. L0l omg, from a l33t undead rogue on adventures with his friends, to Foreman Mortuus, and then to Grand Executor Mortuus roflwaffle!
    He sure is UbärUbärl33t d00dz, zomg ftw nubs!

  6. L33TN00B1582No Gravatar says:

    Does any1 know who hobbs is?


  8. shyanneNo Gravatar says:

    Is it wrong to say that Mortuus is cute?? I love him for that reason. Too bad he’s got a girl.:( But he’s still my fave!!

  9. MopafidNo Gravatar says:

    Would be nice with a list of all the ‘Oxhorn swear words’ and what they are replacing. Could be fun to use these words IRL.

    And yea, Mortuus is epic. The coolest char of em all 😉

  10. All Horde shall fall to my epic Alliance PvP powers (or lack thereof)! -Sincerely, a Druid too cheap to reroll Horde 😛

  11. Lukas 45No Gravatar says:

    Try hear “The Orna-Prints salesman” from the music player, its a true Mortuus track 😀 I love it 😀 FTW

  12. SoyamanNo Gravatar says:

    Yeah why the bloit would you believe it said “Dr00d”(Druid) When it says D00D (Dude)

    You gotta learn to talk or he’ll r0xorz your b0xorz…

    But ye, I love him aswell :) My favourite character. Let’s see if Bl1zz teached him to speak probably in Cataclysm.

    Gotta love Brandon!

    PS: Why does blizzard gave him the flakking warlock PvP gear when it’s pretty clear he’s a rogue!? O.o

  13. Mortuus is the best oxhorn character hax ftw!

  14. TonyNo Gravatar says:

    yeah i need to l2readZ0rz 😛

  15. DessariusNo Gravatar says:

    Course Mortuus is a Rogue it says it on this site here lol rofl rofl omg lolomgwtgdairyqueen lolomgbb^q lol “Like i said n00bs im uber uber leet!” Lol i wil nvr stop lol’ing at tht lawls

  16. TonyNo Gravatar says:

    Correcting my own mistake instead of reading “ubar l33t d00d” i read “ubar l33t dR00d” and i was like “wtfhax?”


  17. lolomgwtgdairyqueen lolomgbb^theQ

  18. TonyNo Gravatar says:

    Isnt Mortuus a Rogue? i am confused :S

  19. PwntNo Gravatar says:

    i always though mortuus was a rogue

  20. AsseNo Gravatar says:

    l33t hax ftw!!! gotta love Mortuus! even Blizzard is a fan of him hehe

  21. RoflpflNo Gravatar says:

    Mortuus is so haxX he uses warlock gear to fool all you players to think he’s a n00b. Then he wtfpwnz u! Roflmao

  22. aloradanenNo Gravatar says:

    i 7HInK J00R 73H b357 700N 3V3R MY L337 d34D Phri3Nd, ftw, lol, toon on firetree,US named after ur b335t vid rroflmao n u cn pwn hr ne time ftw l8r

  23. BerarixNo Gravatar says:

    Mortuus is clerly my faw char xD
    my first char in wow that i made was an ud and that was 5 yeas a got and still got him and thb my rouge and Mortuus looks wery alike haha i think that’s freekn epiq

  24. somedumbnoobNo Gravatar says:

    mortuus is so uber ub3r 1337 😀

  25. DeathlywishNo Gravatar says:

    lol this is my favorite character out of them all

  26. RanshyymonNo Gravatar says:

    Without Mortuus the videos would be worse, Mortuus gives the extra spice to make the uber leet extra funny!! ^_^

  27. ZidonNo Gravatar says:

    flomg pwn Mortuus rocks pwn bloiting r0x0rz b0xorzx fomg d00d hehe =)

  28. SilestherNo Gravatar says:

    Mortuus ftw! His uber l33t hax r0x0rz b0x0rs camp n00bs fishing in warsong bloitting them away omg xD

  29. Mortuus is uber uber l33t!

  30. Peconpie7No Gravatar says:

    “Im uber uber 1331 so uber uber 1331”-Mortuus, ROFLMAO

  31. Peconpie7No Gravatar says:

    Mortuus=UBAR UBAR 1331 PWNIN all N00BZ like Ally!!!

  32. John BakerNo Gravatar says:

    Fantastic, thanks for sharing this information. Looks great on my iPhone, but on the Blackberry Pearl’s browser your site comes out a little erratic.

  33. deathregonNo Gravatar says:

    though i bet i could kick his roxor boxors off his @$$ with my uber uber l33t h4xing DK (level 61 DK deathregon.)

  34. deathregonNo Gravatar says:

    I love these bios they are so UBER UBER L33T FTW rofl rofl rofl

  35. HaxadinNo Gravatar says:

    Ubar l33t d00d that pwns lvl 1 n00bs in Westfall.

  36. SoraosNo Gravatar says:

    I found him! He’s stationed next to the sitting peons outside Warsong Holdin Borean Tundra… 1337 h4x FTW! rofl, rofl, rofl, rofl!

  37. Mort is my all-time favorite character in any of Ox’s movies. Mortuus L33T HAX PWNT!!!!


  39. LeonniketNo Gravatar says:

    Pwn the flak out of those n00bs and knock they’re b0x0rs off do not be a blit you are not just a rogue you’re a ubar l33t class

  40. teh L33tNo Gravatar says:

    i dunno htf to speak 1337,not a n00bcake u bloity bloiting kodohead!!

  41. Although he is an ubat 1337 D00d why doesnt he has ubar 1337 quips? ftl pwnt noobcakes!

  42. DeadhoofNo Gravatar says:

    OMFG he has the same intentions as I do. I make sure everyone who chose Alliance chose wrong too.

  43. Mary anneNo Gravatar says:

    U blit wtf is wrong with u? omg ftw u n00b, get the bloit out of here! i hate elves! gimme a gnome to kick

  44. AltiumNo Gravatar says:

    zomg…pwn those alli’s PWN THEM ALL!! MUAHAHAHAHA!! mort ya rock my socks off….one small question for you oxhorn can you teach me l33t? i wanna drive my guild nuts with it but cant do it very well…-face fault- EPIC FAIL!! helpz me plz… love ya your awesome check my main out on arathor realm when ya ever get a small moment tis us server eth…. lol…

  45. Mort is definately my favourite Oxhorn character. FTW!

  46. Gargoyle2000No Gravatar says:

    “lol omg wtg dairy queen
    lol omg bb the q” roflmao

    I even learnt it

  47. noobcake you freaken bum of a bitch

  48. Uberl33td00dNo Gravatar says:

    “and it is his mission to remind you every day that you chose wrong.” Mortuus FTW!

  49. GianNo Gravatar says:

    LoL Rofl wofl Mort U R So Toetally L33T it’s not 3v3n funny :) :3 😛 Oxhorn FTW !

  50. jericho7No Gravatar says:

    btw….i think blizzard should make some sort of achievement for the Uber L33t title

  51. jericho7No Gravatar says:

    Oxhorn: so what are you guys reluctant to do?
    (complete silence)
    Mortuus: NOOB! :))

  52. FTWNo Gravatar says:

    Mortuus RULES HES UBBER UBBER L33T!!!!!

  53. SupermaksNo Gravatar says:

    Mortuus could mabey make a school, were you got teached to speak l33t

  54. SupermaksNo Gravatar says:

    And were did r0xers b0xers come from?

  55. SupermaksNo Gravatar says:

    ALL HAIL MORTUUS! btw what does “Hax” mean?

  56. GnomekickerNo Gravatar says:

    You are free to choose either side, but thank the earthmother for d00dz like Mortuus, reminding those allys that they picked the wrong side.

  57. IceidethNo Gravatar says:

    Blizz mod: And you?
    Mort: *pause* *un-sheaths swords* Pwnt! Pwnt! Pwnt! Pwnt! Pwnt!*few more pwnts* *warp*

  58. MortuusFTW!!No Gravatar says:

    like my name says Uber uber l33t

  59. Gankforfun!No Gravatar says:


  60. MartinNo Gravatar says:

    FTW Roxorz Boxorz Omg Hax ROFLMAO! ;D

  61. sean3000444No Gravatar says:

    Mortuus will pwn all that is … pwnabul

  62. HamaruNo Gravatar says:

    He speaks in l33t language Ox said it in the article.
    Mortuus ftw ubar l33t d00d pwning n00bs

  63. BloopyNo Gravatar says:

    Mortuus is awesome FTW!!!

  64. Mortuus = Chakking bloiting n00bs ftw!

  65. HaralastiNo Gravatar says:

    Mortuus FTW ! XD =)

  66. jibleNo Gravatar says:

    mortuus rules DISCUSSION CLOSED

  67. lowe257No Gravatar says:

    Well if don´t speak english which language are he speaking? And it´s great of Mortuus to pwn Alliance becose every one hate them.

  68. DumpidNo Gravatar says:

    Mortuus FTW! =]

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