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I worked with the fine fellows over on TeeSpring to bring you a ROFLMAO! T-shirt. It has excellent print quality, comes in women’s and men’s sizes, and can go up to 3-XL. Choose between short or long-sleeve.

This shirt is only available for 22 days. Once we get enough reservations, the shirts print and…

Screenshot from Wolf of Warcraft.

Wolf of Warcraft

Film maker Kyle Lavore reached out to me a few weeks ago, asking if he could use footage from my movies for a project he was working on. He completed his trailer for Wolf of Warcraft, which you can see here.

Can you spot any familiar faces?


Merry Christmas from Oxhorn

Merry Christmas kiddos! Don’t forget to torment your folks while opening presents by playing my geeky Christmas album. I hope you have an amazing!http://www.oxhorn.com/music/oxhorns-christmas-for-geeks/

Christmas card from Blizzard

Merry Christmas from Blizzard

Every Christmas, Blizzard sends out a lovely Christmas e-card to fan influences in their community. I thought I’d share this year’s with you so you can see what it looks like. It’s small touches like this that distinguish Blizzard, and makes them such a good company to get along with.


The Headless Horseman

Hallows End is my favorite Blizzard holiday in World of Warcraft (aside from Brewfest). I love it so much that I worked and worked until I got the headless horseman’s mount, as you can see in many of my movies. I love him so much that I made a movie all about him…


Goblin On a Rocket

I’ve always been fond of well crafted models and figurines. This one is no exception. Atop this rocket sits an adventurous goblin, a mischievous smile brimming from ear to ear. This heavy, well crafted figurine looks like it just exploded and is about to take old Gibzz to the moon. The perfect addition…